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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Was it a nightmare?  Was it sleep apnea?  Something triggered me to bite all along the right edge of my tongue.  I even bit though it, in one place!

Woke up with a start from the pain.  There was blood coming out of my mouth.  Because I am on a blood thinner, the bleeding would not stop.  I got kind of scared, but didn't feel I could maneuver myself to the ER.

I sat up for awhile, I lay back down.  I knew I didn't want all that blood going into my stomach.  Finally, I just hung over the bathroom sink and let it drain--trying not to spit and make it worse.

Finally, I got a white linen napkin, put an ice cube in it, packed that between my tongue and bottom teeth and went back to sleep.  

When I woke up this morning, it looked like a bloody murder had occurred on my bed and in the bathroom.  It is sorer than anything.  I think I better buy a mouth guard to wear at night!!!!!


From time to time, I have been known to spend $300.00 on annuals to fill pots and baskets and planters.  Last year, we had such a hot and dry summer that every annual I planted died.  I spent $279.00 last year.

I am proud to say, I showed great restraint today.  I had my garden planting list with me and went to Lowe's to buy annuals.  Now, granted they aren't as large as the fancy gardening center I like to shop at across the road from me, but they will catch up.  I had 3 of the Chartreuse vines I always use that I couldn't find at Lowe's, so on the way home, I stopped at the fancy gardening center and got them.

All total today, I spent $111.19.  Instead of putting Impatiens and Petunias in the three planters that fit on my porch railing, I am going to use only two planters and planting Sweet Pea seeds in them.  If they succeed, they will trail as nicely as a Wave Petunia and if they don't succeed, it's no big out of pocket loss.

Today it was 88 degrees with 25 mph straight winds and an occasionally 40 mph gust.  I unloaded my plants and put them in the shade, came in and turned on the A/C.  Tonight it will get down into the 50's and tomorrow's high is predicted to be 62.  It should make a nice day to get all my pots cleaned up and planted.  Put the rug down on the porch and get my chairs in place.

Tonight, as I go to sleep, I am going to keep chanting, "Don't bit your tongue, don't bite your tongue"......and I think I will sleep on my left side, so in case I do bite, it will be on the other side.



  1. That's a nasty self-inflicted bite! Well, let's hope it's self-inflicted. If Dar has been rubbing off on you you'll start believing a spirit got to you in the middle of the night. LOL Seriously though, you really should get a bite place. You can find cheat ones in the sports departments sometimes.

    1. I think they sell them at the drug store. You heat it in hot water, then put it in and bite on it until it conforms to your teeth. I gotta try it. Maybe I was sub-consciously thinking of Dar and how hard I'd like to just slap her or......bite her?

  2. One time my daddy had a bad bite on his tongue with blood smeared down the wall between the bed and the wall. He was underneath the bed and the only way he could get out was to scoot out a little at a time. It was almost as though someone had knocked him out but there were no signs of entry to the house. Weird! I bought a mouth guard at Wal Mart to maybe keep me from clenching my teeth at night. My bite is so bad there's not much of an impression on the left side so it doesn't want to stay in place very well. So ~ it stays in the bathroom at night. :)

    1. That's what I don't understand--I don't clench or grind my teeth, so why would I bite my tongue so badly? I'll be going to Walmart tomorrow to get one and hope it works.

  3. I have bad teeth...always have. To salvage, my dentist has put many and varied kinds of wire and all that. This is the first month in awhile I've bitten my tongue, or managed to get it caught in some sharp
    "gear" bottom front. I didn't bleed too much, but wow, it's hard to eat! I had milkshake for dinner tonight.
    The shape of my face made/ makes me grind my teeth when my jaw locks as I sleep. Boy, howdy! It won't be that long before a "major change" is coming. I've got a very low bone ridge and low bone density, too. Don't know how it'll work...
    I'm on 5-10 mg.(or 7.5!) of Warfarin a day,depending on the INR. This clot still in my lung is "resting" there. I rarely think of it, but miss leafy green veggies!
    Be blessed, flower girl!

  4. Wow - that's terrible, Judy. I have bitten mine on occasion but never in my sleep. I hope what you purchase will keep that from happening again.


  5. Ohhhhh yes! Just pop into any sporting goods store, or any general store, and get one of those cheap, plastic mouth guards, which HS football players use!!!!!!! And use it. Yikes, you don't want a repeat of that!

    We got plants today too. And since the weather cooled down, from 2 days of heat, they will be planted, this evening. And tomorrow morning.

    We had quite the "corkers" of T-storms, last evening. Wind, rain, lightening, the whole works! And the evening sky, kept changing colors. From dark, to weird yellow. What a photo op!

    But I didn't feel like getting up and getting my camera.


    Congratulations on not spending as much, on flowers this year! What you got, will be just fine and very pretty.

    Luna Crone

  6. That looks like one very sore spot....so sorry. Such an awful thing. May it not ever happen again. Your flowers sound like they will be the perfect antidote for the bite. We are expecting that cooler day tomorrow, looking forward to it. Happy planting!

  7. you can get nice mouth guards at CVS, you should definitely pick one up!!! i have not planted anything outdoors yet but i need to soon, chuck always helps me with my planting!!! i plant vinca's now instead of impatiens, they are so much better. they need less water and are heat tolerant. it's been hot here but this weekend is suppose to be a lot cooler!!!

  8. Oh my goodness Judy!! That looks so painful!! I hope you're feeling better now. My father in law is on blood thinners as well and he fell and hit his head a few years ago. We met him at the hospital and his shirt looked like someone had dunked it in a pail of blood. That is so scary!!

    I'm cutting back on the flowers as well. I was gifted a beautiful hanging plant for Mother's Day and that's all I have in the front yard so far. The Dollar Store was selling boxes of wildflowers that you sprinkle into prepared soil and water every day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will grow but it's hit or miss with Dollar Store stuff. After daisies, wildflowers are my favorite flowers. It's cooler here today but it was in the 90's the last three days here in NY. I'm so not ready for the heat but it did light a fire under my honey's butt to get the pool open. : ) Have a beautiful weekend!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  9. Great about your lovely plants but awful about your tongue! Now show as much restraint in biting down as you did in spending on flowers, and you should see an improvement, haaahaha. And definitely get a mouth guard, if you can stand to sleep in one. xoxo