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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Happy 3 weeks old, Della.  Auntie Madeleine is trying to make you into a ballerina.

The underlying anger, depression, loneliness, tears remain so---I am going "home", up to the Farms, to feel and connect to my roots.  I need to get centered again and that will do it.


  1. We all have our anchoring places where we go to lick our wounds. I hope you find your peace and center again at the farm. Remember that 'family' is more than just our blood relatives. You have a family out here in cyberspace that cares about you.

    1. I totally agree with Jean; we are your family also. Don't ever forget that. xoxo

    2. Count me in as family .... although you know more about My family!

  2. Now, that is one sweet little ballerina! Adorable. xoxo

  3. hi judy - i went back a few posts to catch up on what i have missed, and i so get it. holidays can be so hard for so many people, we often don't get the norman rockwell gathering we all long for. i don't have any wise words for you, anything to say that will make you feel better...i wish your hubby were still here!!

    i will end with this happy thought that that is the cutest ballerina i have ever seen. seriously, she is adorable!!!!

  4. What a darling baby girl. I pray your return to the farm does you a world of good. Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo

  5. She's such a sweet, sweet little girl!
    After attending my aunt's funeral last week just a few yards from where I grew up, I said I'm never going back there. It was the place that I look back on with a lot of my happiest memories, but the old house is gone and I just don't want to see the changes made to the farm. I do hope you find peace within for this time of the year.

    1. I an very lucky that changes made to the farms have been good, mostly.

  6. Your great girl is BEAUTIFUL! Just looking at that photo will bring happiness to your heart! Glad you got to the farm! One day at a time, one step at a time. Love you!

  7. she is beautiful
    and again
    your sharing..
    take care of yourself
    and do all that will uplift your spirit..
    as we age
    nothing remains the same

  8. Such a cutie! But such a tiny babe, look at her "very new" little toes, to be dressed up as a ballerina.

    Being new here, I do not know what or where "the Farms" is. But I hope this visit, will calm your spirit, and refresh and warm you.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone