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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Onward to Christmas.......'

Our Thanksgiving was calm and nice.  Any political talk was pleasant as all four of us voted for the same Party.  After lunch--Susan does not serve turkey, we had baked chicken, we all adjourned into the living room to watch the football game and conversation came to a halt.  Each of them pulled out their mobile devices and started playing games.  I sat there like a lump.  No conversation was possible.

Finally at 3:00 I used the excuse that I wanted to stop in and visit Pammie and got out of there.  I have my own biases about these damned mobile devices, smart phones and that sort of thing--very rude, in my opinion to get involved with them when it is a family gathering--especially a small family gathering and one of the four has no such device.

So I stopped in to see Pam and we had a great hour long conversation--talking-using real words.  Amazing that one can still do that.

I got home around 5:00--perfect.
Friday morning Karen called and she and Maddie dropped in and brought me some left-over turkey.  YAY!!  I don't really like turkey (or chicken), but I do like a nice thick turkey sandwich, with a couple of bread and butter pickles tucked in between the bread, spread with a combo of Miracle Whip and Horseradish.

Then I started hauling out boxes from my bedroom closet to get ready to decorate for Christmas.  I did get the Nativities up and the angels and Santa's, then pooped out.

Saturday I hauled the heavy Christmas tree box out of my closet and did 7 loads of laundry and watched college football games and cross stitched all afternoon.  Ohio State beat the University of Michigan, which tickled me pink.  Michigan State of course lost to Penn State.  I am really glad Michigan State's football season is over!
Sunday, I did get the tree into an upright position and it seemed easier this year, then when I last did it 2 years ago.  

I also got the outside lights and my front window lighted thingies on timers and ready to go.

Today, I worked much of the morning on Christmas cards.  I create and print special ones for each kid, grand kids and sister.  Then I create and print general ones for everyone else, and Christmas letters for those people I don't see during the year.  

This afternoon, I had to run down to the print shop to get another small genealogy book punched and coiled and then on up to Walmart to pick up a prescription and ON SALE Diet Pepsi.  

It was cold and rainy and windy and not a whole lot of fun going to and from the store, but I did manage to find two people to help and made three others smile.  When I got home, it was still nasty, so I just left everything in the car trunk and will haul it in tomorrow, when it is supposed to be dry and 53 degrees!!

I haven't decorated my tree as yet, because I am waiting for two "name" balls I ordered.  One for my new grandson, Mike and one for Baby Della.  I have glass balls with all the kids & grand kids names on them and I like to group the families together.
After 6 attempts, I finally got a phone call through to the Michigan Medigap Insurance Subsidy people.  It took 90 minutes to finally get someone to answer.  I had sign-up for and sent in all my proofs and October 8th and was worried, as I have heard nothing.  Most of us here in Michigan have Blue Cross insurance and the rates went up about 3.5 times what we have been playing.  Mine went from $40.42 for the last 10 years, up to $146.00.  Hopefully the subsidy will help, but still my insurance will be higher next year.  ARGGH!!!

This baby girl is only one month old.  I think she looks a lot older.


  1. HA! I asked EVERYONE to put their devices on SILENT until dinner and dessert were over. Then we all checked and returned messages and good wishes, then back off while we sat outside to enjoy another hour of conversation.

    WOW! Christmas is coming! Thanks for the photos!!!!

  2. I agree about devices. I remember the first time I realized how much cell phones would impact conversations. They hadn't been available long, at least not for most people. I guess it was in the early nineties. I had a friend, a neighbor, who lived across the street. She and I went to lunch about once a week. One day, she started ringing at the table. Suddenly she pulled a phone out of her purse and started talking. It's ironic how something that is made for the purpose of connection can negatively impact our connections with others if not used with consideration, which is what happened to you on TG. And don't get me started about people who stay on their phones while checking out of stores - like the cashier isn't even there. Of course, cell phones have a wonderful purpose and can be very handy and even help with safety or calling a tow truck, etc., but what a nuisance they can be at times.
    Oh, my gosh! That baby is positively smoochable.
    Hope to get my wreaths on the windows today. A little each day...

  3. Judy, thank you for your compliment on my journal :)
    I requested this year that children do not bring those hand devices and it worked
    A day spent at 2 dentists
    Schogrens really doing a number on my teeth
    Pain filled Saturday and Sunday and was pleased could make
    appt for yesterday
    Now the healing
    and yes the little one looks older then her months ;) she is adorable
    Not much decorating here
    just a few items out... This is better for me but never
    thought I would do this :(

  4. The baby is beautiful and I'm impressed that you accomplished so much. Where does all that energy come from?

    I find cell phones at gatherings rude, too, but fortunately, it's not a big issue in my family. But I remember the last one I went to on my husband's side. 22 of us in a nice restaurant and I counted 12 people with their noses buried in their phones. It was the last party they had and the person paying for it all---the eldest in the group---was miffed too.

  5. Smart phones! Hehhhh... They allow people to be terribly rude. And it is OK! It is allowed! It is normal! &*()(*&^%$#$^&&

    You use Miracle Whip! Same here!!! :-))))

    You are doing decorating, in a logical way. Good for you! Here, the few bags are down. But I have not placed them yet. But I am not going to stress about it. -grin- Go with the flow. And my flow is rather "interrupted".. With the "bad" knee. So... Not to worry.

    You have a lovely tree!!!

    And your home looks so pretty, even from the outside.

    "Baby girl looks older, than she is." You said it, so I will. :-) It's because they are dressing her, tooooooo old, for her teeny, tiny age. Those head bows. Those pinafores and shoes. That ballerina outfit, before. -sigh-

    There will be years and years of time, to dress her in very precious girly things, and hair bows. But now, please just let her be a baby!!!! Comfy and simple "onesies" are perfect for a tiny baby. Save all the "gobbly-gook" for later.

    -grin- Said, like a grumpy old lady, hu??????? >,-)))

    Early winter hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. I agree about the baby clothes. But without the grown up clothes, her facial expression looks older than 1 month old. I think she looks a lot like my Karen, her grandma. Those big, round, dark eyes.

  6. You are so inspiring, getting Christmas decorations up. Whatever makes the heart warmer :-). Driving around after dark and seeing the lights makes my heart sing - about the only time of years I enjoy driving after dark!

    I'm glad Thanksgiving worked out so well....um, except for those little black holes they call smartphones.

  7. we all put our phones on vibrate - i left mine in the car!!

    when i cook, i always make chicken - i find turkey to be dry!!!