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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Deck the halls with Holly Loki----

anyone remember Arthur Godfrey singing that?

The two new ornaments arrived today, so I starting adorning the Yule tree.

The white one says, Sweet Great Grand-Daughter on the front with her name on the back.

Then I hung the rest of that family group. 

Jennifer's family on the left side and my oldest unmarried kids in the center. 

Then filled in the rest with ornaments from my grandma's tree and mother's tree and ones I had on our family tree when the kids were little.
(the tree is not crooked, but I was)

My grand daughter's mother-in-law is having a shower for them this Saturday.  I decided to make my favorite baby afghan for Della.  Then I decided to make her a stuffed bunny, that I hope becomes her favorite.  I didn't know how to wrap them, so I will sneak them in and put on the gift table, with no name, and see how long it takes Helene to figure out who the giver is.  HAH 


  1. Your baby gifts are so sweet and skillfully made! I love them and your tree as well. It looks great!

  2. I'm sure she will love that bunny until it is ragged, and the blanket will keep her snug and warm. Sweet gifts, Judy. Your tree is very pretty.

  3. Such precious, precious gifts!!!!!!!

    LOVE!!!!!!!! Them!!!!!!

    Luna Crone

  4. Your Yule Tree is lovely, and so special to you. Traditions are wonderful.

    And so happy to learn, from your comment on my blog, that you appreciate the Moon, and other natural things. In today's day and age, it seems that not many people do. So it's very nice, to find a kindred spirit!

    To be nearly 50 degrees and rain, today. Not seasonal for nearly December. And it will be, what it will be. Be glad for no ice yet, I guess.

    Early Winter hugs,
    Luna Crone

  5. i thought the tree was crocked, but i wasn't going to say anything ;)

    your knitting is GORGEOUS - you act like you are an "ok knitter" - how very beautiful and special both of your gifts are!!!

    1. Debbie--these are crocheted. I can crochet anything, but knitting--another matter. LOL

  6. Your tree is so pretty and the sentiment makes it very special! The baby blanket and bunny are such wonderful gifts!! Talented, you are!!

  7. I adore the stuffed bunny and afghan. How can they NOT become her favorites! The tree is heartwarming. Are there going to be presents underneath?!

  8. wish you were near
    to teach
    me once again
    to crochet.
    did in the past...

  9. Adorable gifts, and I imagine she'll know right away who made those!

  10. What a soft, sweet, darling gift. I never got the hang of crochet or knitting but I think it's so beautiful.