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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It is Tuesday----------------

For awhile today, I thought it was Wednesday.

Got the latest genealogy book put together and bound today at the Print Shop.  109 pages long and it turned out really nice.  It took awhile to find anything on one side of the family, but then when I did?  BAM!  A bit of stories and histories of the ancestor's.  The book is ready to mail tomorrow, promised delivery on Friday, so my client can give it to her Mom on Mother's Day.  That was my goal!!!
I keep wanting to go outside and plant something.  It was 32 degrees with frost last night and this morning.  I cannot believe this nonsense!!  Usually we can plant on Mother's Day around here, but I am thinking I will wait until next weekend.  Where I used to live--just 20 miles north, we had to wait until Memorial Day weekend to plant.

In the meantime, tomorrow I am hauling all my pots and porch paraphernalia out of the shed.  Get it all cleaned up and have the pots put in place.  I also need to paint my porch railings and steps.  So I may have to go to Lowe's tomorrow to get some sand paper and white deck paint.  I have the gray left from last year.  I think I am probably going to have to use a bit of sandpaper on the railings.  The squirrels run up and down the railings all winter long, with their sharp little claws.  My fault as I put the feeder out on one of the railings and feed them all winter.
Dar came over tonight, just as Jeopardy was starting.  She went back to the psycho-therapy place today, refused hypnosis, so they gave her a meditation thing.  She sticks her fingers in her ears, hums, centers the hum on the middle of her forehead and then visualizes it going down the center of her body, bringing relaxation against the pain as it moves.   

There is one problem.  she can't do it because she can't put her fingers in her ears and close out all sound.  If she can't hear extraneous noise, someone could sneak up on her without her knowing it.

I told her to go in her bedroom, close her door, sit with her back firmly against the head board of her bed.  Then she would know that no one could sneak up behind her.

"But, I have to close my eyes to do the meditation and someone could sneak into my bedroom and I'd never know it until it was too late to defend myself."

OY VEY!!!!! 


  1. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a professional trying to treat Dar. She'd try my patience and I'm a very patient person.

    I want to go to Lowe's to buy paint for my deck furniture but I think we're both too early.

  2. Dar - no comment!!

    We almost always do our summer planting Mother's Day weekend and I'm not going to be planting either. It's been unusually cold here after the warmest April on record. It is however good painting weather - not too hot!!

  3. Maybe Dar should start a blog! How she has worked, I DO NOT know! I do feel so much sympathy for someone so frightened; I'm thankful I'm not frightened so much--never have been.

    You have been so busy and now we know why! Thank you for the brochure-it's a beautiful thing. I had hoped to ask you to start ours-then Ed came home with a gun he'd "picked up" for only $300.00. He'll never use it--like the other ones back there-except for when he goes hunting about once a year. And now that we've lived in this shingle house for nearly 51 years,he has made the decision to use most of our savings to have siding out on! I am not happy, but when he said I want to discuss this--he only meant he wanted me to agree with him. When I questioned it, he returned to age 7, instead of 70. Yet---I'm supposed to know t's for the both of us.....I don't have enough emojis to show you how I feel!

  4. OH! Shouldn't you just get the squirrels their own ladder? Haha!

  5. I think that she needs more help than you can give her. we are sunny but chilly today big storm for the weekend.

  6. Don't know how far down, our last night's temp went. Don't want to know. Our next door son got chicken. So now I have to worry about them, freezing their little "patoooties" off, out in their hen house. :-(

    Where we are, we always went by the... don't plant till memorial day weekend.

    That neighbor does not want to find a form of head-relief, for her pain. Simple as that. Or so it seems to me...

  7. Dar - oh my. She wants no help, she just wants to complain to anyone who will listen. Some people....ugh! I liked that comment above - what it's like to be her therapist! LOL