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Monday, November 13, 2017

Where is she?

Well Kids...what can I say?

I cannot believe the last time I posted was Wednesday, last week.  But you know how I get when a genealogy is cooking.  I get so immersed in climbing up the branches that by day's end, I have no desire to write another word.

Thursday I had a great time at the Old School Gal Pals luncheon.  It was a cold, wet, dark, dismal day outside and when I came out from lunch, I just felt like driving right home.  I had planned on visiting my Little Sis, but by the time I would have driven to The Farm, with these new "clock" hours, it would have been almost time to head home.  Since it was so dreary and dark already, I figured I had better get on the road.  Good thing I did because it was after 4:00 when I got home and already getting too dark and wet to drive comfortably.

I parked the car and didn't go back outside until this afternoon!  I had to pick-up a prescription at Walmart and the cats were all out of food and I had no milk in the house, so..........I put on my coat and went shopping.

The girls on Thursday had yelled at me, "Where's your coat?"

I don't usually wear a winter coat until it gets into the 30's.  I was comfortable with just my sweater and jeans.  But today, it seemed colder feeling, so I put a fleece jacket on.  I hate to wear a heavy winter coat!!

When I got home, not only did I have to lug in groceries, but last Tuesday--right AFTER the yard waste people made their pick-up, my lawn mowing guy came and filled 8 yard waste bags stuffed with leaves.

I had to lug them out to the street for pick-up tomorrow morning-early.  I suppose just AFTER they make their pick-up, the lawn mowing guy will come again and fill up another 8 bags...that will have to sit and wait for a week!

He had stuffed those bags tight and full.  They were heavy and I could only drag one at a time.  By the time I was done, my shoulder and back were screaming.

Then I had to fill up the squirrel feeder and the bird feeder.  I feed the squirrels so they will stay away from the bird feeders.  Now the birds have taken to eating out of the squirrel feeder.  Especially the Blue Jays.  They will fly in and out as fast as can be, to pick peanuts from the squirrel feeder.  The only time they stay away is when the squirrels are sitting in the feeder eating.

(Yep--I had cute photos, but blogger won't let me upload them).
Have you ever vacuumed your entire living room only to discover, the suction was off?  Not one tiny piece of fuzz in the container.  I looked down and noticed on the hose, the red suction level thingie was wide open, allowing no suction to the vacuum head.  ARGGH!!!


  1. Glad you are keeping busy and relatively happy. I was wondered if genealogy was keeping you away from the blogs. What country/ies is your new client taking you to?

  2. It's amazing how most blog is talking about weather. Glad you had chance to visit with your school pals.
    Coffee is on

  3. I was worried about you, ladybug! But I know you're down the rabbit hole in research, so I figured you'd have posted otherwise.
    (Nice to be missed, eh?)

  4. We all know how you are when you're working on a genealogy project. Glad you've been enjoying it. Our weather has been pretty cold at night. All my flowers are dead. Boo.

  5. nice to read you had fun with the gal pals!!!

    i rarely wear a coat, only if i am going to be outside for an extended period. we keep our car in our garage, which is heated. wherever we go, chuck drops me at the door and then parks. i just rarely even need a coat and i find them to be very uncomfortable. i bought a coat/vest this year, i am going to try that. i usually just wear a sweater!!

    it's good you feed the birds, it is difficult for them to find food in winter!! and YaY for genealogy work!!!

  6. Is it this "age thing"? When it is cold, gray, dismal... I don't want to get out of the house, either.

    You are hurting, due to hawling lawn stuff bags. I am hurting, because of de-cluttering. I'm sifting through "stuff," which is up, down, and in-between. My back/muscles are not used to this kind of activity. But I do love the result.

    This is where you pat yourself on the back, to have done all that, in the past. And to "be golden," concerning extra "stuff." YES!!!!!!

    Luna Crone

  7. I don't leave unless I have to, and yes I know; I live in FL but it's cold here now. Well, you know, for us. :)


  8. I don't like to wear a heavy coat either, and I'm glad that where I live, I rarely have to. I'm sure thankful for my heavy coat when I go up north in winter, though. I'm glad you went on home and got in safe before the cold, wet dark clamped down. xoxo