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Monday, June 19, 2017

Weather Break

Ah-hh!  The joy, the bliss, the pure sublimeness of cooler temps and having windows and doors open.  Last night it almost felt cold.
 Note: Sublimeness is not a valid word.

We have had rainstorms predicted all weekend and all today.  I see the dark clouds and hear the distant thunder, but about 3 miles before they get here, the separate--one storm going north-east (over Howell) and one going south-east (over Brighton).  We got sprinkles--twice today.  So--I went out and watered all my flowers.  Now the dark clouds are coming in again.

While I was watering, I found a sweet Cardinal feather under the bird feeders.  It will go in my  Anasazi Indian bowl with the rest of my collection.

I cut off my stray out growing branches off my Forsythia and Wegelia bushes and up the trunk of my Maple trees.  Stuffed them in a yard waste bag for pick-up tomorrow.

I really need to tear apart my little front garden this fall.  All the Iris need to be spread out, perhaps in their own bed and almost all of the Lilies need to be divided and replanted.  Sounds like a big job, but I know I can do it over a period of a week.  I say this now, who knows what September and October will bring.

Karen is posting photos on FB from Alaska.  They are there for three weeks.  Their second child, Susanna, who lives in Oregon, does a lot of advertising and marketing work for New Balance shoes and just happens to have a boyfriend who lives in Alaska, so she went with her parents for a couple of weeks.  They sure are seeing some splendor up there.

My hubs and the kids and I were going to drive up through British Columbia and up the ALCAN highway to visit Alaska--that was back in 1970.  We had the camper and the plans and then my Mother died and a year later Jennifer was born, so we never made it.

You might remember me posting that at grand daughter's wedding, he and I were talking about our missed Alaska trip and how we still would like to go there.  He can't drive and I certainly couldn't drive that far, but his wife drives--everywhere.  So I told him, we'd throw our stuff in the back of their van.  He could stretch out in the back seat and I'd sit up in front and chat with Diane while she drove us to Alaska.  HAH!

I had to run down to Brighton this morning and got into an insane construction fiasco.  It is 4 miles to the Meijer store.  It took me 30 minutes.  The back-up started just about 1.5 miles up the road.  When I got into town I could see what was happening.  They were moving the right lane over into the left.  A few yards ahead they were merging the left lane over into the center lane.  So now they had two lanes of very heavy traffic all in one lane in the center left turn lane.

All during this time, traffic was exiting from the Super Highway.  We were very orderly, letting one car in off the expressway in front of us, then the car behind me would let one in and so it proceeded.  Drivers in this area are nothing if not polite.  When I got about a block from the merging insanity, I turned right and scampered up a couple of streets and basically took a back alley way to Meijer.  I was not the only one.  HAH.  When I got out of there, I took the back way home--out into the country and down a road just west of me 1/2 mile and home. It took me 17 minutes to get home from Meijer.
Now I am finishing up laundry and working on the latest genealogy book.

OOOH--I hear thunder.  Maybe we'll get lucky this time?

Nope, it's going south east.  DRATS!!!!!!!!!


  1. We had coolnesssssssss. Now we have heat/humidity. Just like a worried about.

    Memories of cool nights. happpy sighhhh

    Had the wall a/c going all day today, it was so humid. T-storms gone through. haven't even opened a door, to see how it is now. I'm chicken. LOL

  2. We got a wonderful soaking yesterday and I'm hoping we'll be lucky again tomorrow. But that brought flooding.

    I signed up for the Michigan road construction alerts. You get to pick the areas you want the alerts for and they come by email every morning for their work that day. Really makes a difference when you plan your outings.

  3. You want some rain? We have it here! Not today, but lots of pretty good-size storms have been cropping up. Your garden work for the fall will be a great project! xoxo

  4. Keep moving
    had Knee shot this morning
    now want to find safe exercises
    and now beginning once a week smoothie for gain 5 lbs :)

    1. best of luck with your knee shot.

      I have bone-on-bone arthritis, in left knee. had 3 injections, of a sort of cushioning gel. there is a proper name for it but.....

      had them in feb. can't have them again, till 6 months have passed. I admit I try not to use it toooo much, so it lasts for the 6 months.

      best of luck, with yours!

      gentle hugs, luna crone

  5. Good luck to you Judy, I always enjoy reading about your adventures!! We got rain too, I am in North Carolina but it did not cool things off enough!!

  6. We have had rain and some thunder it is cool and wonderful now.

  7. Will start using "sublimeness" as how else do new words come into being -- let's create a few. Sure know what it's like looking to the sky, thinking there's rain in those clouds, so why only a few drops, or none, here? We're not have cool here and won't for a week or so, I guess. I go in and out but just don't linger in the heat. Like your feather collection (no mites, I assume! ha) -- that red cardinal feather quite an attractive addition.

  8. After a long bout of too hot temps we TOO had a break...around two days of it.

    You know I have never seen a cardinal feather!! Other birds, yes but never a redbird one. !! That is pretty darn special :)

    As to Alaska, my neighbor family...dad is in the AF. Oldest son had many complications and the AF did not transfer them until the son passed away. I took their dog Lily in. They have moved around quite a bit in the last 5 years or so but the middle son also joined the AF and was recently stationed in Alaska. The photos that he posted on Facebook from time to time were just amazing