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Friday, June 30, 2017

Mini Road Trips

I have gone somewhere every single day this week.


My nosy neighbor told me on Monday that "they" had talked about me and how I go days without getting in my car and going somewhere.  Unlike them--with two cars--who leave and come back several times a day.  Her husband 4 times a day, she, usually 3 times a day.

I didn't think I had anywhere to go today, but a check came in the mail and I wanted to get it cashed before I lost it somewhere in the piles of paper on my desk.  So to the bank I went.

Yesterday--was it yesterday?  No, Wednesday I went up to Lowe's and bought me a decent shower head.  I am so tired of the dinky one I have, so I searched on-line and then went to the store to pick it up.  This has 9 different types of spray.

I figured that all shower head attachments would have universal connecting sizes and if that was true, all I'd have to do it exchange just the heads.  It came with all the attachments and the stainless hose.  So, tonight I screwed the old one off and attached this and then spent time trying all the spray positions.

YOWZA!!  I know right now the one I am going to try first.  Water comes out of every hole on the thing.
Now I remember where I went yesterday.  I was printing out a genealogy book and the print started looking a little dim, so I ran into Cartridge World, in Brighton, and got my inkjets refilled.  I really need a new printer.  The one I have is quite old and thus the inkjets have increased in price.  Supply and demand, you know.

I had an ear of sweet corn and a cucumber for supper.  I had heard you can cook corn in the microwave with the husk on so I tried it.  Oh my.  Moist and sweet!!!

When I was at the Food Bank, last week on my birthday, I got a package of ground sirloin.  I had a chance to get a 2# pack, but took the smaller one.  I brought it home and made nice thick hamburg patties, wrapped them in wax paper and put them in a Ziploc bag and froze them.  It was so nice to be able to take one out and cook it in my George Foreman grill and have meat for supper!  Next month, I'm going to get the 2# pack--I ran out before my craving for grilled hamburgers was quenched.

I have a pretty big genealogy book all done--92 pages.  I won't be able to get it bound until next week, after the long Holiday time.  It was very interesting!

I have started on another one.  I gotta keep busy or I get so bored--even with my little trips up to and down to my two shopping towns.

The weather man keeps warning us of severe storms and lots of rain.  I guess that's for his area in Detroit because all we keep getting are sprinkles.  Barely enough to wet the street.  I watered all my annuals today, just in case.

Well--that's it for me.  I hope you all have a nice 4 day weekend.  I'll just be sitting here all alone, like any other day.  Which is okay with me.


  1. You don't have to be alone. Why not invite a couple of friends over for the 4th, Everyone bring something simple, ice cream, chips, hot dogs, lemonade etc. After living in the area all these years, you must have friends. Company does not have to just be family. Although you could invite them if you wanted.

  2. Nice shower head, Judy. We had an awful one when we moved in here. H finally got fed up with it, and went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a fancy one. We like it. I like it because it doesn't make a high, piercing noise like the old one.

    I cook corn in the microwave all the time. It's so delicious. Our local corn is in. Love it, love it, love it.

    Enjoy your 4th!!!

  3. I'm glad your shower head went on smoothly. The last time I tried to change one I ended up having to call the plumber but I'm stronger now.

    I cook corn in the microwave all the time too, and using different methods: 1)like you did, 2) wrapped in Press and Seal with salad dressing brushed on first, and 3) in my microwave steamer. I will never go back to stove top cooking corn.

    Have a good holiday weekend.

  4. I enjoyed your post. I know that if you've been really busy, holidays alone can be good thing, but if you're lonely at all, it's good to be with people for a while. In my circle of friends, most of them have family, and long-time friends, nearby and they don't have time or interest for a single, lonely friend. Since my husband died, I've hated holidays because they are so often spent alone. My closest family member is 130 miles away and I don't drive distances or high speed highway any more. Now holidays will be different for me, since I'll be married in two weeks.

    I like how you plan ahead and have interesting things to do to make your life satisfying. The new shower head sounds like a winner.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  5. The flip side of nosy neighbors is, they would notice if someone was trying to do harm to your property. :-)

    All that use of their cars, is costing them money. Is unnecessary pollution. Etc. Etc. Better to only "go" when you have something necessary, say I.

    No big deal over our Holiday Weekend either. Other than our oldest granddaughter coming by, with her boy friend. First time he has come here, to her city, to visit her family, and all that.

    Did someone say S-T-R-E-S-S...

    In the old days, the young ones, came to the old ones, hoping to make a good impression. Today, it feels like, the opposite. On well...

    Let's Celebrate!
    Luna Crone

  6. If not for doctor's appointments or tests, I would seldom be seen out. I guess if I lived alone, I'd have to get out a little more; lately, as in other times in my life, I'm not interested. :(

  7. I once had a neighbor complain that I kept to myself too much, in the house. But, I'm a homebody. It's my house. I feel no obligation to mix and mingle. And I'm happiest when I have nowhere to go. Happy Fourth of July, Judy! xoxo

  8. HAPPY FOURTH! I love being a homebody! And I love a great showerhead!! ENJOY

    1. And THANK YOU for loving to solve genealogies! You are amazing!!

  9. I'm so glad you're getting new work, Judy. I can vouch for the genealogy you did for us, and I love it.

    Need to go grocery shopping, but so far haven't got the energy. I tried something new at the rehab; quartered tomato's with a bit of Italian dressing. I really liked it. Also, craving fresh fruit and cottage cheese. :)