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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, June 9, 2017


Lunch with the High School Gal Pals, plus a couple of the boys came also.  So good to see the one "brother" as he has been battling a infection in his femur from a hip replacement or knee replacement or something like that--done last fall!!  He almost died twice--had sepsis and still recovered.  Two years ago, his wife almost died. Nice to see that even at our old age, there is always hope for recovery.  This July 22, their five daughters, 18 grand children and 11 great grand children will all be together for their 60th wedding anniversary.  

I can personally tell you, 50 years ago, there wasn't one person in our social/married group would have given them a chance.  He was an alcoholic and abusive to her, but that all changed and here they are today, very much in love and in like.  Happy endings are always the best.  Eh?

Not all the gals there, Sandy out with bad feet problems.  June having cataract surgery today.  Liz probably got lost and Sally's daughter at the Big Important Cancer Hospital with a brain tumor and important tests done today and Ruth Ann's out of state sister, home for a visit.

Marlene, Nancy V. and Nancy J. Beth and me.  It was a nice close group so we could all chat.

I said, "60 years.  Can you believe it?"

To which Marlene replied.  "60 years what?"

"Since we graduated.  Tuesday was June 6th.  In 1957, it was on a Thursday and we graduated."

"Oh.  Did we graduate on a Thursday?"

"Yes. Baccalaureate was Sunday and the next Thursday evening was graduation."

"How do you remember all that stuff, Judy?"

"How can you not remember?  You were married just nine days later."

60 years for them too.  

Would have been 60 years for Gary and I on the 14th, but not so happy ending there.

Because of where we gathered, I didn't get out to The Farm.  We were East 20 miles and it wouldn't have been prudent for me to travel out there and then have to come back east, 10+ miles to come home.  Besides that, something was going on with my eyes today and I barely could drive as much as I did.  It was a pleasant day though.  The sun was out and it was in the low 70's.  A few of us got their famous Olive Burger.  I never saw so many Olives piled on top of a burger in my life--with tomato, lettuce and a slice of onion.  I was able to eat half and some good Onion rings.  The rest was my supper.

I no more and got home and sister Susan called me.  They were at Lowe's just up the road so they came for a visit.  That was pretty darn nice.  Saved me an extra drive on up to The Farm to visit next week.  She and Chuck and I sat out on the porch and chatted for a little while.  It was so nice.

I wish the gals would just have our lunch in Durand, like we usually do.  It is centrally located for most of them, a bit farther for me to drive, (not as far as today) and that way, Bethie can stop at the cemetery to water the flowers and on the way home, I can stop at The Farm and the other cemetery.  Without having either of us have to drive out of our way.  

I mean, the food is practically the same every where we go, so............................why not go to the easiest place to get to?  I noticed today that we parted without planning where next month's lunch would be.  Or maybe I missed that info because I was in the bathroom?

Anyway, it was a pleasant day all around.


  1. 60 years! Graduation and a wedding. How nice! I'm glad they were able to stay together.

    I graduated in 1960; it wasn't a fun time. But, that's over now. I doubt if many of my classmates remember the date like I do, June 6. :)

    That burger sure sounds good; never heard of olives but that makes me think avocado would be good too. I'm like you, can only eat half of a burger.

    It's so nice that you have your friends to lunch with, Judy. A blessing.


  2. Suggest the more reasonable location. You just may have, a lot more of "your marbles," than the other gals. And so you, ought to point Wisdom out to them. -grinnn- We who have our "marbles," should use them!" >,-)

    Nice day all round. Other than the eye issue. Allergies maybe? I didn't have them, when younger. But do now. Yish...

    Grocery shopping here today. UGHHH... To the shopping, and to the putting away. UGH UGH UGH... lol

    Hope you see the Full Strawberry Moon tonight! And get in a good howl, at it!!!!

  3. I like it when logic is applied to where people meet for lunch. But it doesn't always go that way because some people like a change of scenery, I suppose. Making decisions in groups can be an interesting study of humans...some suggest, others pressure, some don't ever let their true feelings out and just say, "I don't care" or "you decide." Often times the same person gets their way.

  4. You should speak up and tell the others how you feel about the lunch place.

    Our group of retired teachers try unusual and/or new places and we are quite willing to go wherever that may take us. One thing that has been bothering us recently is restaurant noise. We have trouble hearing one another over all the noise in the places we have recently chosen. We are thinking maybe we should look for quieter places.

  5. wow judy, 60 years...sounds like you had a fun time!!

  6. Yeah, agreed, Judy. Just tell them where next month's lunch will be. They won't argue or if they do, it won't be much. xoxo

  7. No way am I making the decision and then later hear, "The food was terrible, but Judy wanted to go there." I've already heard that. So, wherever they want to go is fine and if it's too long a drive or I'm not in the mood, I just don't attend. It's not like it is a required subject. HAH.

  8. Found out at noon that my "brother" classmate died this morning. Two weeks after diagnosis!

  9. Glad you had a nice outing...except for longer drive and eye thing. And sorry to hear about your classmate!

  10. Sorry about your classmate. Glad you can all enjoy each other after all these years and seeing each other so frequently, especially now that we're in those years when our numbers dwindle all too frequently. I had no contact with my classmates until recent years -- never been to a reunion as lived states away, though only know of one year when a concerted effort was made to get all of us (40) together. Have only seen one classmate since graduation, but think he's deceased now. Another and her twin brother, we connected via computer in past ten years and we've talked of meeting but hasn't worked out. One other classmate and I connected via the internet, but just email once in a while as he and wife involved with relocating.

  11. I'm envious you have all these gals together to battle out important decisions like where to eat. Man, it's tough that in just two days after lunch with him, you learned he didn't win his battle. I'm so sorry. He and his wife won't make their 60th wedding anniversary. :-(

    Are all the ladies outliving all the men? Ladies, we rule the roost(er)!