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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

This 'N That and Nothing in Partticular

Finally--no lightning, or thunder, just a nice full down-pour.  I think I hear my flowers singing.


 A birthday card from my only nephew. 
Adam Charles--I have always called him Adam Chuckie and he has hated that since he was 13. 
So I quit.  HAH

The color of my pedicure polish.  Never worn this color before.

This guy stopped by after the rain.

Now, don't be telling me it was Fred's spirit come to visit.  It was merely a hungry Cardinal coming in to my newly filled bird feeders.   Followed shortly by this Grosbeak.

I like the looks of the rest of my June calendar.  Not a thing to do for the next week.  Of course, there will be a food or Pepsi run, but no definite places to go or things to do.

Which will leave me lots of time for this

and this--------


  1. An empty calendar, is a Thing Of Beauty!!!!!!

  2. Your readers continue to read my blog.

    It would be lovely, if they would leave a comment, though.

    Just say Hi. So I could go and say Hi, to them....

    It would be....

    It would be....

    It would be....

    Luna Crone

  3. I agree with Luna. An empty calendar is a thing of beauty - if it's empty of 'must do's' and filled with 'get to do's'!

    LOVE your toenails!!

    My father has lately become fascinated with your/his genealogy book. He showed it to me. He loves learning so much; really getting into his ancestry and all your supplemental information. Yay!

    hmmm. Doesn't look like you're twiddling your thumbs with your free time.

    1. So glad is getting into it deep and reading it. I thought for awhile that he just sort of tossed it aside. :-)

  4. Love your cross-stitch. It's coming along great.

    I long for an empty week on my calendar but have to wait a few more weeks.

  5. it looks like you have been busy so maybe a quiet week will be fun, especially if it is hot!! june and july are always busy months for us, this summer is no different. your counted cross stitch is coming along beautifully, i don't know if i could keep up with the count on something this big!!

    i love the grosbeak, i don't get them, but i wish i did!!!

  6. I smile
    and this one
    just trying to accept
    where she is...

  7. Our calendar usually has only doctor's visit here and there, but then things always happen and we do them. If that makes sense? The cross stitch is lovely, as are you toes. Our plants, flowers and grass were happy for the rain, too.

  8. LOVE that cross stitch - can't wait to see it as you work on it.