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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Middle of the week blues--------

Trying to get winter things cleaned-up and put away.  So far--I have de-limed the humidifier and got it back in the storage box.  That's about it.  I have soooooooo much to get done before May.  Painting the porch and steps one of the biggest projects.  Cutting down Lilac bush suckers and putting some mulch on the area around the bushes--another big project.  Washing all the windows inside and swapping out my new curtains--still haven't even taken them out of the box they came in a month ago.
No hot water --AGAIN!!  I heard the water heater come on last night as I was going to bed, but ice cold this morning when I wanted a shower.  The last repairman--March 13th, put in a new thermocouple so that is not the problem.  I think it is the gas exhaust vent on top of the roof, is situated in such a way that any little breeze blows the pilot light out.  I need to get someone up there to see if that might be the problem.  Thankfully, I have appliance repair coverage through my electric company so I don't have to pay the repair guys to re-light the pilot light as I can't get down on the floor to do it anymore.  The only problem, the water heater is located behind a pull-out panel in the back of my bedroom closet.  I have to clean out the clothes, shoes and other "stuff" stored there and that is a big pain in the back!!
PT today.  She is now working on my lower back.  I don't think it is helping one bit, but my neck and shoulder ARE better from the previous manipulations.  <sigh--Arthritis is a mean thing.>
With all the increases in price of car insurance, health insurance, food prices,  my budget is back to what is was a year or so ago.  I guess I shouldn't have redone my living room and put that money away for this year.  

While I am on the budget plan for utilities, their price went up, so my budget payments did also.  I had NO idea my health insurance was going to triple or my car insurance was going to increase $30.00 a month.  It gets a bit discouraging to have to use thin Marcel toilet paper and laundry detergent that smells like oil, that I get free from the food bank.  I want to buy Charmin Extra Soft and Tide detergent.  Those are luxuries to me now.  I am really grateful that we have a food bank that I can use.  And grateful that my food assistance went up to $23.00 a month, which isn't a lot considering the price of food, but anything helps.

There are positives to being poor.  I am probably healthier than I was five years ago, when I had meat everyday, and potatoes and bread.  I am 30# lighter and that's a good thing.  I usually only get beef once a month and vegetables to go with it.  A supper of Cheerio's and milk is pretty healthy--except I like lots of sugar.  Nowadays, it doesn't take much food to fill me up and that's a good thing too.

At least I don't have to file income tax.  Nothing I receive is taxable.  HAH!!

There isn't anywhere else I could live cheaper.  Rent is $377.00 and includes garbage pick-up and water.  I checked into government housing--egads those apartments are tiny, and it would cost me just about the same as living here.  I can't bear the thought of having to live in an apartment, with windows only on one side of the place, one bedroom.  I so love it here.

No more buying anything that isn't absolutely necessary for me to live.  

Sorry for the downer there.  I know that something will come along to help.  It always does.  
I'm worried too about my Pammie.  She is working a school custodial job at night.  She isn't suppose to be doing that kind of work.  She has two missing vertebrae in her spine.  She has had all the X-rays, CAT scans, MRI's that prove she can't do this kind of work, but every desk job pays way less than this job.  Every specialist she has seen told her to get disability, but here, you have to be out of work for a couple of years before the government will give it to you.  How can she do that?  Make no money for two years?

She keeps her thermostat at 50 degrees all winter long and lives in her bedroom where she has a small electric heater.  I wish I could help her in some way.  She is such a wonderful person.  Always doing as much as she can for others.  

It would be beneficial for her if I moved in with her and gave her my Social Security check every month.  But, neither one of us really wants to do that.  I told her I would if it ever came down to where she couldn't make it on her own.  I at one time, wanted desperately to move back to my growing up area, but now, I know that now and as I age, I need to be close to grocery stores, the food bank, doctor and hospital.  If I moved out there, I would have to change doctor's and dentist to a closer town.  Plus, it takes an ambulance 45 minutes to respond and the nearest hospital is 30 miles away.

What to do, what to do?  Life gets very hard at times.  I never realized that until a decade or so ago.  We become too soon old and too late smart!!!!  I never should have gotten divorced!!!
Oh well--what can I think of that's positive?  We are expecting 4.5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow--I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.  Baseball is starting Friday, so I can enjoy watching that.  This weekend the temperatures are supposed to be in the high 60's and next Thursday, I can go to my Old School Gal Pals lunch and after wards, visit my little sister and travel the roads back home.  Stop at the Cemetery and see how things look around the graves and have a chat with Fred.

My colonoscopy was clear, as well as my lung scan, so no worries about that.  Thank goodness.

It could be much worse.  While, I can't control prices of anything and I can't control the money coming in, which puts me in the red every month. 

 BUT==everything is going to be okay.  

I know it is!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know God will help me---somehow.  He always has!!!


  1. If you hadn't gotten divorced you never would have met Fred and then you would have missed the love of your life.

    We're getting 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight but it will only last a day then turn to slush. Lots of wind coming with it. I am so sick of winter!

    I love the same toilet paper and detergent you do.

  2. I know this is a truly rough patch for you, Judy. I hope things improve soon. So glad you got good news on your tests. That's a huge relief.

  3. so sorry for your struggles. do you have a library near? I know I am taking out DVD's for us to watch right now and what about a local senior center our local one has lunch daily free for seniors and it gets people out to be with others. And they have wonderful gatherings for cards. people who stitch, or computer classes all free.
    thinking of you

  4. You hit on something important: We can do with much less, and actually be happier. I have never bought Tide detergent, even though I can afford it. I keep my thermostat on 60 all winter and everyone who comes here knows, wear layers. Having less rich food means weighing less, which is always good! I sometimes think our main problem is, we have too much. I'm glad that for now, you can live where you love, and you are snug in your comfortable abode. Now to get that hot water heater seen to! xoxo

  5. God knows our struggles, fears and concerns. Although I know its hard not to worry, try. You will be fine. Good idea about the library. I go every week for movies and books on tape. I haven't been to a movie theater since the kids were little. They are in their 30's now. Libraries and rec centers always have classes for seniors - look them up. I know what you mean about the toilet paper. I just do a double or triple wrap, and sometimes, because the paper is so thin that doesn't even work. (sigh!). You're right it very hard out here, but we'll be ok :-/

  6. I'm sorry for all you're going through with the rise in insurance companies and food. Both of my insurance plans went up but not that much. I've shopped around for different car insurance, and would you believe State Farm (I've been with them forever) their coverage and price better than any other.

    Poor Pam - I wish she could disability and I also wish my daughter would apply. When Pam worked taking care of your grand's, that was under the table right?

    Well, enjoy whatever you can. I'm here for you if I can help, I will. Love you, Judy.

    1. If it would be ok with you, I could write on FB about your genealogy work if you're still up to doing that. It's up to you and if so, what contact would you like me to use?

    2. WOW Sally, that might work! If they e-mail me, I can send them a brochure which shows prices and what is included in the book. You have my e-mail, right? thanks Sally.

  7. Gosh, when it rains, it pours! Or snows in your case! Glad you got some hot water again. I'm glad you have internet for blogging! I am sending positive vibes your way as I have been recently blessed with lower costs!

    And let's get you some geneaology work!

  8. Understand so much you have shared,
    Everything higher at this time
    I make soup weekly, can have for 3 days and freeze a carton.
    Never planned on severe arthritis and sjogrens with mouth so day it feels like I have sand in my mouth.
    We will make it, sorry about Pammie..

  9. Wondered where you were..... But I was "good" and didn't "ask" this time. See, do I get another "Gold Star"???? ,-)

    Please don't jump into a different living arrangement. Not without a whole lot of consideration, about a whole lot of aspects. What you said about closeness to medical help, is a real, real, real issue. And it is only _one_ issue, of many.

    Not mine, to advise. Just hope you will ponder long, on any big changes.

  10. Oh and love the PINK Background here!!!!!

    Pink is my kind of color. To me, Blue is depressing.

    That's just me of course, but wanted to say... Your new Background is pretty!!!

    1. I changed the background to reflect summer--with the Hummingbird on the side.
      I have been considering Big Changes in living arrangements for the last 3.5 years. Drawing house plans for arrangement of furniture in the upstairs of Pammies house. Looking at and considering renting the little house on the corner next to Pam, my son and sister. Government housing. None are that greatly appealing to me because there are drawbacks. So stay here I will where I am quite happy. :-)

  11. i am reading backwards and expected this to be much worse. it's not so bad - and you are very positive about your living arrangements!!!!

    i could stand to loose 30 pounds!!!!