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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lesson I should have learned by now..................

.....one should not post on their blog when they are tired/depressed/having a pity party!

Sorry for the downer post yesterday.  I almost deleted it this morning, but--after all--this is my journal, so I guess it stays.
It's hard (for me) to get in the mood to spring clean when the outside weather is gray, cold, rain dripping days with 4" of snow predicted!  I have some how lost my, smile and push forward attitude.  Where it went, I have no clue.  How to get it back, seems a mystery.
The water heater repairman--expected between 12 & 4, called at 10:00.  He checked the vents and lit the pilot light.  He explained to me that these kinds of heaters are vented through the roof AND through the floor.  Any little cross breeze can poof out the pilot light.  
"So there is no way I can fix the problem?  I have no control over it?"
"Nope," he said, "It's like an act of God."

After he left, I hurried up and got my garbage out for pick-up.  Most times I set it out the night before, but it was raining and cold last night, so I decided to wait.  Luckily, they didn't come today until after 2:00.  So, for all my planning of taking it out when the weather was better, I got to haul it out in the cold, wet falling rain/snow.  I'm brilliant!!!
Put the closet back together, watched my Soap, did the last load of laundry and a full dishwasher of dishes.

Tomorrow I get to go to the dentist and on the way home, stop at Walmart for cat food, milk and something to eat.

My life is so exciting I can barely stand it!


  1. I think our blogs SHOULD reflect the ups and downs of our lives. Just posting when you're up would be too Polly Anna and unnatural.

    The stupid snow got to me today, too. I'm so sick of being cold all the time!

  2. Well, it's the good, bad, the ugly, isn't it, Judy. What matters to me is people owning our own stuff. And you do! Like Jean says, polly anna is like an airbrushed advertisement. Yuch!

  3. I think sometimes the most we can be glad for is that we're here, when we consider the alternative. Sounds like you're getting a lot done or, at least have a good idea of what you will be doing -- though too much can feel like being overwhelmed at times. I sure recall years when winter seemed like it went on for ever and I wondered if spring would ever come. Usually I enjoyed winter at the beginning of each season, but after the holidays were when I would start to tire of it. Hang in there!

  4. You have to write what you're feeling, Judy. It's the best way. Sorry you're still getting snow. I'm sure you're sick of it.

  5. Snow doesn't bother me. Even snow in April doesn't bother me. I love to watch it snow. What does bother me is no sun!

  6. Well, there's a lot to be said for ordinary, even hum-drum, days. And when you don't feel good, Judy, I think that's the time to give yourself a great big break. Settle into your chair with your crochet project or something else you enjoy, have a few favorite snacks on hand, watch TV or read by lamplight. Mole out. Then when you've had enough of that, take a hot shower and put on something super comfy to wear, like clean soft cotton things, and a spritz of your favorite perfume. Repeat as often as necessary. This is my own personal recipe so tweak as needed. xoxo

  7. Oh I know about doing _anything_, on the net, when tired!!!!! Believe me, I have gotten into trouble, doing this!!! LOL.

    But keep your post! It is for you, after all. That's how you felt. It is there, it can stay there.

    Our weather isn't Spring-eee. And I have no drive to do Spring-clean-up stuff. So no issue here. Maybe you can wait, till the weather finally "rights itself"...? And when Spring does come, you can do the Spring Stuff you want to do?

    When to put the garbage out???? Before the last big, big snow storm, my husband put it out. And it stayed, plowed in the snow/ice, till the snow melted. LOL.

    Ohhh the dentist! How fun!!! NOT!!!!

    As to "life," never wish for exciting. >,-)))

  8. Life is like riding a wave and full of times as you feel now. It is OK. By all means, write it out for your own sake. The process of writing the words somehow takes the punch out of how you feel. Be who you are whenever. We finally have sunshine and warming temps for the weekend. I am off to Teddy's Spring concert, then to LM's house. Hoping sunshine is on the way to you, too!!

  9. That why I like your blog. You're honest. Life is real and not everyday is a bowl of cherries. Some days are just the pits. So, hang in there, and before the wind blows the pilot out again have a nice long hot shower :-)

  10. That's right..it's your blog and you write whatever you want. I hope it helped a little to write your feelings down! You seem better today. I'm sorry to having to keep catching up on your posts. Work is keeping me way to busy!

  11. My life feels so monotonous at times too, Judy. I guess it's just the ebb and flow of things. Thank you for keeping things real and honest. You are the kind of blogger that I most enjoy following. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  12. hehehehe, well, define exciting?? exciting = exhausting!!

    i "spring" clean all winter long, so when spring comes, i just have to "keep up"!! spring time is too nice to be inside cleaning!!!

  13. A day like any other! Some things get done, some things don't. But I totally get you on the GREY! Luckily Portland has been very good this year ... despite snow and too much rain, we have sunbreaks almost every day. Love that!