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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Honey Pie

Honey Pie or HP, as her initials are on the front of her, is back from the computer hospital.  A bit longer than we thought as Honey Pie was 19% away from a massive stroke where she would have lost all her memory and everything stored in her brain.  Consequently, Honey Pie's hospital bill was about $130.00 more than expected.  

Good thing I requested she have a colonoscopy as she was stuffed with cat fur and dust.  Then she was given a new "cloned" brain and everything stored in her old brain was transferred over to that.  2GB's were added to her heart--free of charge.

She is alive and well, and faster than when she was a young girl.
I worked on cleaning her room all day Monday and part of Tuesday, so the only time I really started missing her a lot, was Tuesday night and Wednesday. 

The house was entirely clean.  There was nothing to do Wednesday morning, but I managed to find a good documentary about the Hatfields and McCoys to watch on the History Channel.

Then I watched my Soap.  The hospital called at 2:30, with her release, but I had PT at 3:00, so I had to wait and go pick her up at 4:30.

When we got home is was raining like crazy, but I got her into the house.  I think she gained weight while she was in hospital.  What good PT did to my back was ruined by my having to lift and carry her into the house.  

But she's home and now I can get back to my computer work.  YAY!!!
Washing Windows Video

Dusting the Monster


  1. I think you got a great deal on your computer work! I'm glad you are happy with her transformation.

    I haven't even started my spring cleaning.

  2. "O.K., that's good enough." Love it, made me chuckle.

  3. Welcome back Honey Pie!! So happy your procedure was successful, and my goodness, everything is sparkly clean!

  4. LOL!!!!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    You nut!!!!!!!! Washing the windows, wasn't too scary. But getting up there, to dust "The Monster," wasssssssss!!!

    To complete the scary-ness, you need to point the cam, a bit lower. So we can hold our breath, while you do your window-sill-balancing-act.

    But of course, I am so *jealous* of you, being able to get on your desk and "squigle" around and get your legs, to the back. I would never be able to even attempt such a maneuver!!!

    Wow, is all I can say!!!!

    Oh and yes, welcome home Honey Pie!!!!!

  5. Yayyyy, she's back! Okay, window washing not bad. But..dusting the thingy? You could fall and injure yourself. Be careful.

  6. Girl you are so limber, you'll live to be 101! I could never manage getting up onto that desk, although like you, I have skinny legs (not nine feet long like yours though, haahaa -- were you a Rockette in your youth?). I got me some of those cloths, although they're Mojaworks brand rather than Norwex. I hope they work like yours. I'm so glad Honey Pie is back and in fine fettle. xoxo

  7. So glad your Honey Pie is home safe and sound. I have to get those window washing cloths.

  8. BE CAREFUL! If you fell ... how long before someone would find you????

    Hooray for HP's successful rejuvenation!!!

  9. Well, hells bells, I can't watch the video's! I'd probably be holding my breath watching you though! You climbed up on the desk? What is wrong with you, woman? Good grief, be careful!


  10. your windows look sparkly clean. i ordered those cloths and i am not sure how to use them. is one for washing the windows and the other for drying them?? or is one for windows and the other for dusting??

    one of the cloths is larger than the other - i'm pretty sure i ordered exactly what you were using!! - help -

  11. Congratulations on your 'new' Honey Pie. She must be sleek, even if she does weigh a ton.

    Terrific idea, making the videos, in case something happens...though then they wouldn't upload themselves to YouTube, would they, to let people know. Anyway, it's good to see you in person!!