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Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Way It Was

I miss the way is was.  We always dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandma's, and it was dinner, 1:00 pm precisely.  None of this eating at four in the afternoon nonsense!

After my Grandma died, we were always up to Mother and Daddy's.  After Mother died, I had Thanksgiving dinner for everyone.  I cooked all day Wednesday--two or three recipes that my Grandma and Mother always had.  I made 4 or 5 different pies.  Pumpkin, Mince, Apple, Cherry and usually Banana Cream.  My Dad and step-mother came and my hubs family.  The women all worked so I had them bring nothing.

I used my Grandma's best long linen damask table cloth, her china dishes and crystal water goblets and my Mother's pure sterling silver-ware.  The kids loved it!!  They were on their best table manners that day.

When I lived in Saginaw, I always fixed Thanksgiving dinner for my house mate Ernie and his mother.  Just the three of us, but I made all the trimmings.  It was their custom to have peel and eat shrimp as an appetizer.

Then, when I moved down here, the whole family was still going up to The Farm, with Daddy and Step-mother.  After Daddy died, step-mother always went to her daughters and Fred and I always went to Jennifer's.  Her mother- in-law would come in from New Jersey and we'd  have a big meal and then while the men watched football, we women played Canasta.

Then Fred died and everyone felt sorry for me and I had invites to everyone's place!!  Then Jen got mad at me and the next year I went to Karen's, with all her in-laws.  When Susan and Chuck moved to The Farm in 2012, I had Thanksgiving with them.  We'd usually get Pammie to drive on up for dinner with us.

My son and Cindy always go to her Mother's for Thanksgiving.
So this year, when I hadn't heard anything by yesterday, I realized that NO ONE was going to extend an invitation.  That pretty much hurt!    So--when I got up this morning, I decided to treat it like any other Thursday.

I did not watch the parade.  I stayed in this computer room and worked on getting my last genealogy book printed out.  Then, at noon, I went out into the living room, had a bowl of Cheerios and watched a bit of the Lion's football game. I got my last batch of spaghetti sauce going and then I watched a really good movie with Ryan O'Neil, Shelly Somebody and Drew Barrymore called "Irreconcilable Differences."

I was working on a new knit project for Chris, while I enjoyed the movie.

Then, between 1:00 and 3:00, Karen called and invited me down.  They were eating at 4:00.  I can't drive after dark, so the minute I got to her house, I would have had to start back.  Then my sister called, she is coming this way tomorrow.  Then Pearl called and was so angry at my family, she invited me to go with them to her grand daughter's.  Then John stopped by with two pieces of the Pineapple Cakes he had made from the recipe I gave him.

Then, it was 6:30 and the MSU Spartans were playing basketball and now--just look--it's after nine and I will be going to bed soon!

It was a pretty good day--62 degrees and sunny. 

I still miss the way it was, however.  Now, I am waiting to see how they can all screw up the (once a year) four whole hours I get to be with family on Christmas Eve!  I can't wait for it all to be over!!!


  1. I got a last minute invitation too. I think those are almost worse than not getting invited...upside down logic, I know, but I feel that way and I didn't go. Did you tell Karen you can't drive after dark anymore? If not, you should let her know that's why you turned her down, so on Christmas Eve maybe they'll think about having someone pick you up. It is sad that traditions have to end and I have done the same thing with pretending a holiday is just any other day. Works best sometimes if our moods are low going into them. My sister-in-law has been complaining for several years now that the oldest person in her family (her) didn't get asked to a couple of family reunions! Can you believe that? How can younger people be so dumb and selfish?

  2. I did not get any last minute invitation. But I got in a nice walk, stumbled upon a decent sunset and enjoyed all the things I like about the turkey dinner. With leftovers!! Interesting that Karen thought about you at the last minute! I agree with Jean that you best let everyone know you don't drive in the dark .... and would actually prefer a ride.

  3. Oh my goodness, Judy! I wish your family would appreciate still having their mother alive and kicking! I would give anything to have had my mother at my house yesterday enjoying the craziness of 30 people! I hope Christmas is better for you buddy, or I may have to come and pick you up myself!

  4. I miss the way it was also, Judy. Always at my parent's house, and then Patti took over when Mom was gone. We haven't gotten together on Thanksgiving since Ben died. Yesterday, Patti, Britt and I cooked a very nice meal together. And, it was nice to have them here and for us to all sit at the table. Britt and the kids left this morning after being here since last Sunday. Needless to say, it's quiet here and I'm not moving around very spritely! :)

    I'm sorry that happened yesterday for you, my sweet Judy. Life just isn't fair sometimes, and yesterday for you it certainly wasn't. I love you.

  5. As we age, holidays change. It always pulls on the heartstrings. What ninnies kids can be. Be sure to tell them you need a ride at Christmas, and to call early or you may accept you invite from George Clooney. I'm sorry, Judy.

  6. Well, the way it was sounds like a lot of work -- for you. It sounds as though you loved it, but honestly, the day you have described having alone, sounds wonderful to me. It gets hectic and something always gets said or done that hurts someone's feelings, and all the fun goes out of it. And that's even when everyone is being careful. I find holidays extremely trying. Less drama, please! And with that I wish you a Merry Christmas. xoxo