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Friday, November 27, 2015

Best Black Friday Ever

The kids and sister have known for years that I can't drive after dark.  Come to find out, my sister and her hubs sat home alone Thursday.  They had Thanksgiving with her son's family on Wednesday.  She said, "You should have come out.  We don't really do Thanksgiving anymore, but you could have come for lunch."

I explained that I thought her son would be there celebrating with his family and didn't feel right about just intruding.

Anyway--Karen must have realized something because she called us all this morning and invited us down for a "craft" day at her house.  "Be here by 11:00.  Bring whatever craft you are working on and we'll go down in the basement, watch "White Christmas" and yak."

Susan picked me up on her way.  Pammie came too.  Jen was invited, but turned us down.  Her MIL was visiting and although Karen invited the MIL to come too, they didn't.

Well--what a great time we had.  This day will keep me happy until Christmas which we found out today, is going to be at Pammie's house!!!!!  The first time I will celebrate Christmas Eve back in my own house since 1988.  We will start the festivities at noon!!!  I WILL GET MY FOUR HOURS OF BEING WITH THE KIDS--well, Jen may not show up, but.....................

 Karen has an enormous storage room just off her basement.

My sister playing the piano

My sister singing Christmas carols as loudly as she can to bring the others down stairs.

 Pam was crocheting an afghan and checking her phone.

Maddie was crocheting an afghan and Helene a scarf.

 Susan had been working on her scrapbooking and Karen was sewing on a quilt.

We all had a try at lifting the 35# bar bell,  Susan got it about 6" off the floor, I got it up to my waist and Karen did several reps, squats and over her head.

We sang all the songs along with the movie--we've seen it many, many times.

Then, things got a bit crazy

Pammie got to talking about how she loved the trunk with all the old clothes in it that my kids used to make Halloween costumes.  Madeleine made the comment that they had a "dress-up" trunk with "Gramma's old prom dresses."  Helene went into the storage area and pulled out the box.  There it was.  My beautiful Senior Prom formal.

Then they wanted me to try it on to see if it still fit.  Someone took a video of me dancing around the basement, but I haven't seen it as yet.

Maddie found a purple number from someones bridesmaid dress and Helene put on the negligee I had made for her mother and a kitty hat I had made for one of Jen's Halloween costumes.      

We settled down and went back to our handiwork and finished watching the movie.  Maddie had to run to ballet practice.  We did manage to get one photo where we look like proper women, lovely ladies.  Which of course is a lie, because we are more normal in the rest of the photos than the last one.

Three trying to sit in a space for two.

Ah-hh,  There we are.  Very prim, proper 
and looking so normal!

Then tonight, I got this picture of my son and Cindy.  He sure doesn't look like he has cancer, does he?

Thank God.  The infusions he gets every few weeks have not made him sick and his "numbers" are near normal.



  1. Now THIS sounds like Judy!!! Fun, fun, fun. Family AND fun. And now you have Christmas to look forward to!!! YIPPEE SKIPPEE!

  2. Something like that would last me well beyond Christmas. I am so glad to read this upbeat post -- it really makes me feel good for you.

  3. This sounds like so much fun. :) Love me some White Christmas.

  4. Oh, your craft day with the ladies in your family sounds like so much fun. Karen sounds like a caring daughter to get this party started. The box of dresses, wow, I love that they are still in the family. What fun.

  5. I'm so happy for you, Judy! It made me sad to think of you being alone on Thanksgiving. A craft day would be a wonderful day.

  6. Oh, this is good news all around!!

  7. That sounds and looks like a total blast. xoxo