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Friday, July 20, 2018

Best adventure so far this summer.

Down to Brighton, Staples, Bank and because Meijer is near, I stopped in to get a couple of Liters of Diet Pepsi. IT WAS ON SALE--10 FOR $10.00, 11TH ONE FREE. Yipee.
I had to run over to Michael's, but when I opened my trunk to put the groceries away, there was a medium sized toad, sitting in the channel of the trunk lid. I almost slammed the trunk lid down on him! I grabbed him, he whizzed all over my hand because he was scared.
I looked around on where to put him. There are no grassy areas in the Meijer parking lot or any other parking lot. So I emptied out one of my plastic bags, dumped him in there and tied the top.
I drove over to Michael's, parked in the only shade I could find and in and out of Michael's in 15 minutes. He had hopped around inside the bag and was nearly under the front passenger seat.
I told him to hang on tight and sped home--at 50 mph the allowed speed limit. I brought him into the house, carefully opened the bag and put a dish of cool water in for him--he didn't seem very interested.


I was going to put him in my woodland wild flower garden, but decided that would be too small for him. He might venture out onto the lawn and get chopped by Don the Lawn Mowing Man.
So I carried him across the street to the woods behind my Jackie's home and placed him down in a lovely patch of Lilies of the Valley and Violets.

I found out later it is called a Fowler Toad--found in the south-eastern part of Michigan.

So that little toad somehow got into the trunk lid channel and rode all the way with me down to Brighton.  I have a Roadie Toadie!
I hope he learns how to hibernate before winter comes.
We have been so dry here, but my perennial garden has done well.  The flowers seem taller with more blooms than last year.  My Star Gazer Lily is beautiful.  I just had to cut one bloom and bring it inside, to place near my recliner, so I could smell the scent.

My vegetable garden, planted in pots, seems to be doing well too.  Even my experiment, of growing a cucumber in a pot, is doing okay.  The cucumber plant climbing the trellis like it is supposed too.
My perennial garden is fading fast.  Cone Flowers are now in bloom.  My Rose of Sharon bushes have very few flowers.
It is supposed to rain all weekend--even now I see dark clouds coming in from the south-west.  I can't wait!  I hope it rains all day today and tomorrow.
Friends are mad because they wanted to go to the many street and art fairs in the area.  Hey!  Those fairs will be here next year and there are later fairs to come in August.
If we don't get rain, crops are going to be very low yield, which means the farmer's won't get as much money per bushel, which means it will be difficult for them to save up money to buy seed and fertilizer next spring.  It also means higher prices in the grocery store.  It also mean an early Autumn.  I see bronze leaves on my Maple trees already.
This afternoon I get my hairs cut.  I had just taught that new girl how to cut my hair and then she left to move to another salon.  I got a call last week that if I still wanted to go to my regular salon, the manager would now be my stylist.  Still the same price--$17.00.  YOWZA!!  I assume, and probably shouldn't, that the manager should know how to cut short hair.  Right?

The rest of the weekend, I will be in my chair finishing up my grandson-in-law afghan, cross stitching, working on a new baby afghan and watching TV.  

...and hoping it rains and rains and rains--nice and steady, for 48 hours!


  1. What a fun adventure for you and the toad. He should be happy in his new home. Amazing how he got into the car in the first place. We have those same toads over on my side of the state. I see them all the time and Levi has brought a few in the house.

  2. Oh how I love a soaking rain! And star gazer lilies have the most lovely scent. Your roadie toadie was lucky you spotted him and took pity. xoxo

  3. Your toad is a handsome fellow. He’s lucky you found him. Of all the diet drinks Pepsi is my favorite but that isn’t saying much. Your flowers are lovely, beautiful stargazers.

  4. Yeah for the toad rescue!! Toads are one of my favorite beings. Be careful about bringing lilies inside since you have indoor cats; lilies are extremely toxic to cats. My granddaughter lost her cat after it ingested a bit of a lily. We also need rain; the hay has only been cut one time and we're already feeding part of what we've baled.

  5. the lilies are so beautiful, gorgeous colors!!!

    i love the rain, whether we need it or not, i always enjoy it. when it rains, i enjoy the same things you do!!!

  6. Well, you had yourself a bona-fide adventure, didn't you? I had a frog experience, but I wouldn't call it an adventure. A dead frog was plastered to my back door. Kind of creepy. I think a live toad in your car must be a good omen.

    That lily is beautiful in that small vase.

  7. Hello, Judy!!! I am so glad to meet you! I know we are going to be great friends! Thanks for visiting me.....I think we may very well be kindred spirits. Love your toad story! I would have done the same thing. I will see if I can find out how to find your 'follow' button. Blogger is a bit different from site to site but I intend to visit you often!!

  8. You didn't get much rain did you? Seems I read that on FB.

    Yes, you're a good girl about the toad; however, did you know you can get warts from them. LOL


    1. Sal--old wives tale. Warts are caused by a virus within the body, not by toad whizz. LOL

  9. I never assume anything about anyone with a comb and pair of scissors!
    Thanks for the comment and prayers for us, my friend!

  10. Loved reading about your toad adventure. I hope you gave the little fellow a name.