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Monday, September 25, 2017

Heat, Umbilical Cords and Turkey

It has come to the point of being ridiculous!!

Never--well I shouldn't say never because, once eons ago it was 91 on a late September day in Michigan, but never in recent history--like over 100 years, has it ever been that hot.

I'm not just talking hot--humid too.  

Just 8 days ago, we had our furnaces on, all night and half the day.  Then...because Hurricane Jose', out on the east coast was preventing a cold front from moving to us, it zoomed up to day time temps of 91 degrees.  

Michigan.  With red, orange and golden leaves falling gracefully to the ground, looking for all intents and purposes like autumn outside, we are closed up in our homes with the A/C running night and day.

It is ridiculous!!!

If we can wait until Wednesday evening, the temp is suppose to drop 20 degrees.

I hate it!  I want to have my door and windows all open and feel the coolness and sense the autumn spells.  I also want rain, of which we have had none in a couple of weeks.

As far back as I can remember, except last year, we always had 3 days in the middle of September where it rained--almost constantly-- for 3 whole days.  My Mother explained to me that we needed that fall rain so the spring flowering bushes could store up water.  So, with no rain, I have a feeling that my Lilac bushes, are not going to be very full of blooms, next April.
Saturday, I had another God Moment, or what I perceived it to be.

Pearl's grand daughter was expecting a baby in October.  When I found out last spring, I got busy crocheting an afghan for the wee babe.  I finished it up Friday night and Saturday, took it up to Merle and Pearl's.

I walked in their house and there sat their daughter and grand daughter--who was holding a baby girl.  I just stood there, mouth hanging open.

The grand daughter said, "Surprise!"

The tiny baby was only 36 hours old.  She weighed a mere 5 pounds.  I have never seen one that tiny.  All wrinkled up and eyes closed.

"She's barely opened her eyes," said Pearl.

"I don't think she knows she's born yet," said the grandma.

I sat down and momma came over and laid the precious girl in my arms.

I brought her up close and whispered a prayer/blessing in her ear.  Then eased my arm back down.

She opened her eyes and looked at me.  Then, she laced her teeny fingers together and just stared and stared at me.

Her momma, coming back from the kitchen noticed and said, "Oh my Gosh.  Mom come look.  Look at how she has her hands...like she's praying.  Look.  She is just staring and staring up at Judy!"

She got behind the chair we were sitting in and took photos of the baby, with laced fingers and open eyes.

"The grandma said, "I saw you whisper something in her ear.  What did you say?"

"Ah.....I just whispered a blessing and asked God to protect her all her life."

The Momma looked down at me, "I think she understood what you said!  She's staring at you because she thinks you are an angel!"

"I doubt that," I laughed.  "She probably just decided to wake up for a bit."  and I handed her back to her momma.

I have to admit, sitting there alone with that baby, while all the others were talking amongst themselves, having her lace her fingers like that and stare at me, was kind of a strange feeling.  My chest got all warm and my stomach tightened.. It was weird and I still haven't forgotten how I felt.

I always whisper a prayer/blessing in my grandkids ears, the first time I get to see them after they are born, but I never got that reaction from any of them.

It WAS...a moment.
The baby girl's name is, London.  I rather prefer children that have names so, just on hearing the name, you know the gender of the child, but....that's just me.  I don't like being confused.
"So, how is your son Markey doing?"
"Oh...Markey is my daughter.  Madigal is my son."
You know what I mean?

Anyway, this momma has an 11 year old daughter, named Brooklyn.  No Daddy around.  They lived with Pearl's daughter for many years.  Now the grand daughter has purchased a manufactured home, up in the new part of our Park, about two blocks from her Mom.

The young momma and her daughter have always been close.  A bit too close I always thought because she reacts to her 11 year old daughter, like they are sisters.

So, I found out the 11 year old was in the room with momma and grandma, during labor and delivery.  She even got to cut the baby's umbilical cord.  

Now, I know I'm old fashioned, but.............?

I was 13 when my little sister was born and not only did I not know HOW she was born, but I had no clue how she got in my Mother's tummy!!!!

When my own were born, I was glad father's were not allowed in the delivery room and I kept my eyes closed tightly so I wouldn't see my own baby born!

EYUCK!  comes to mind!  

Karen was born in the labor room, just her and me, and I did see the umbilical cord and marveled at how long it was, but I quickly averted my eyes while the nurse cut it free.
I suppose, their thinking was how the 11 year old will remain close to her little sister because she helped her be born?  TMI for that kid is my way of thinking.
Sunday, at 5:00, I did my duty, left my comfortable recliner and air conditioned home and walked the 150 hot and humid steps up to Sheila's for the new neighbor, supper.

I observed no cats on the table or counter tops, so I was a bit more comfortable eating there.  Nine of us. Dar, her Dad, her sister-in-law (i don't know why she was there), the two new neighbor's and their parents, Sheila and me.  The new neighbor kids live in the house next to Sheila's and have been gutting and re-doing the whole house.  Their parents are helping.

It was actually lovely and the food was quite yummy--except she puts sugar in everything, including the dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, which seemed odd to me, but then..I'm no gourmet for sure.

I was kind of a noisy table, which is unusual for me and I sat next to Dar and her loud voice.  She kept trying to communicate with her Dad at the other end of the table.  That poor guy.  She corrects almost everything he says, or if someone asks him a question, she answers for him.

Which she used to do to me if we were with other people, until one time I said, "I am perfectly capable of answering for myself, Dar."

The man is very sharp minded and can hear well and can answer for himself, if she lets him.  After dinner, I sat in the chair next to him and we had a good conversation.  Dar was sitting across the room on a couch, puffing on her e-ciggie, and I could see, she was straining to hear what Dad and I were talking about, but her sister-in-law was yakking at her, so she had to lend her a bit of attention.  HAH.  

I walked back home around 7:30.  It was nice and I'm glad I attended.
I found out later.  Dar's sister-in-law, who lives 3 hours  north of here, came down to take Dar to an appointment today.  I guess they thought it best as--did I tell you--how Dar and her GPS, got lost trying to get to the same place, a couple of weeks ago.  


  1. A baby. I wish them a health and happy little one. I'm sure they love the afgan.
    Coffee is on

    1. I love holding the little ones. Their squeaks and the baby smell, melt my heart every time.

  2. But!!!

    It was that hot, a 100 years ago!

    Did they say it was man-made global warming, back then?

    I am not saying that nothing should be done, about fossil fuels and etc. (like maybe, we all use less of them, by choice?)

    But.... If it was this hot, in 1917... Doesn't that seem to say, that climate is cyclical?

    Remember England's Little Ice Age? When Charles Dickens "invented" what we still see, as the "perfect Christmas"? England had SNOW, then.

    And England hasn't had that kind of snow, in a long, long time.

    Just throwing that out.....

    1. Our weather man said that the Hurricanes and our heat wave were NOT caused by Global Warming, but rather by climate change, which IS (geologically) cyclic. The last record for this heat in September in this area, was 1881.

  3. Glad you had a nice time, at the get-together.

    Ahhh, another "Only Dar" moment. ,-)

    Mercy, I never went out with a brand new baby. Unless it had to be baptized, right after I came home from hospital. ---- And remember all the days we (well I) had to stay in hospital, till they let you home???? ---- Today, they have the child, and go home for lunch.<--Well, you know what I mean.

    This new mother (the granddaughter), has an 11 year old, and a brand new baby... And NO father??? Yes Ma'am! I am too old fashioned for this.

    1. I was in hospital 5 days with each birth and 7 with the last one because I was "old"--32 at the time. LOL. When my daughter had her hysterectomy, it was done out-patient. That operation used to require an 11 day hospital stay. I would worry about getting home too soon after birth and then hemmoraghing or something and being far from hospital.

  4. I know someone who named their kids Paris and Sydney after cities. Can't say I like the idea but at least people who meet them won't have preconceived ideas about their personalities.

    Wish you had a photo of the baby. Sounds like a really special moment. I hope you've had all your shots! I can't understand someone passing a baby that young around.

    Glad you had a good time at the get-together.

    1. Baby's have built-in immunities at that age. I think they had this one out at such a young age to show Merle and Pearl and I, just happened to drop in. Lucky me.

  5. You and that neighborhood! Glad you blog about it!!

    I can't imagine taking a baby that tiny out and around people already! YIKES. Birth is indeed a messy process but it is natural and part of the circle so who knows. I would not want anyone (didn't even want the hubby in there) in watching unless they were medically equipped to help me!

    Ahhhh ... love catching up on your life. Crazy about your HOT weather!

    1. Exactly--me, a nurse and a doctor were all I wanted in the delivery room and my best delivery was with no doc around. Just the nurse and me--we got it done just perfectly! LOL

  6. We're getting a heat wave now, too -- just when i was ready for our cooler temps to continue. You'll have to wait til Oct for fall. Glad you could enjoy the outing for new neighbors. I agree -- I don't welcome cats (pets) that get on the kitchen counter or table -- mine never did.

    Growing up on farms, kids see all sorts of births, often at early ages. I understand girls becomevwomen at earlier ages now than my generation, so maybe watching a birth okay. Probably depends on other factors. Congrats on your friend's family member's new little one!

    1. i grew up on a farm, never saw a birth. My Daddy didn't think it was proper for his daughter's to see. In fact, to this day, I have never been witness to a human or animal birth, except on TV, and that is quite all right with me. YUCKY!

  7. Nope, 11 is too young (in my opinion) to watch a birth. However, kids these days know more about what's happening than I did back then.

    Glad it was a nice dinner for you all..


    1. I'm real glad we were kept innocent and naive in our younger days. At least we weren't worrying about eye shadow and lipstick like some 11 year olds do now.

  8. New babies are so sweet, and it's nice to whisper something loving into their ear.

    So glad the dinner was enjoyable.

  9. I was in the room when my grandson was born, although I tried to stay at the head of the bed! Best thing I ever did! And he was only 4.9 pounds, talk about tiny!

  10. My girls never requested I be there and I never wanted to be there. The first time they yelled in pain, I would have fainted. LOL I was up to the hospital the next day.

  11. Isn't it wonderful how God gives us those special moments. He's just letting you know here with us. That story gave me chills and tears. You just keep blessin' them babies!! And keep talking to Dar's Dad. It's probably the only sane conversations he has.