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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Well, what can I say that is worth reading?

Ever since last fall, when the mechanic told me that my car was "near death" and I shouldn't really drive it because of the power steering fluid leak, I have only driven 4 mile round trips--to the store and now to PT twice a week, which...oh yes, continues.

I have a condition called Drop-Foot.  Who knows what caused it or when/if it will ever get better.  Then April 1st, my left foot started swelling.  "They" ruled out it was caused by the Drop-Foot as that is not one of the side effects.

My Doc thought I had dropped something on my foot...in July, he declared the swelling was caused by the hot weather.  That Idiot is wrong on both parts.

Coincidentally, this swelling started exactly two weeks after my Johnson& Johnson vaccine shot.

I have been researching and reading and think I have come up with my own self diagnosis--which I've always been pretty good at.

Lymphedema.  Not serious, but no cure.  Lymph nodes in the upper legs aren't draining away the fluids like they are supposed to.  I am now wearing compression socks--which take all my strength and prayers for help, to put on!

I will bring this up when next I see the Idiot Doc.


As for the car, since last fall I have had 3 deals on getting a different car fall through.  Finally, a friend of my my daughter Karen told her they were selling their daughter's car.  Then they changed their mind.  Then they changed their mind again.

My car is 23 years old.  This car is 12 years old, but looks like it survived a war.  Bumps and bruises on all sides.  Paint missing.  Every time their daughter bumped into something, they didn't fix it as their insurance would have gone up.  It needs a muffler, hubcaps and a driver's side headlight cover.    BUT..........

it runs great!  

They could get $800.00 from the dealer as a trade-in, but because it was Karen's friend and their daughter is a friend of Karen's daughter Maddie, she said, "If it's for Grandma Judy, I want her to have it."

So I had $500.00 to my name....and that's what they said they would sell the car for.  Great, but how to pay for the needed muffler, hubcaps and headlight?

I opened my mail yesterday and there was a greeting card and inside that card was 3, crisp, new smelling $100.00 bills!


My Gosh!  How do you thank someone for a gift like that?

Now I can get the car fixed and hopefully, take a drive up to The Farm.  I haven't been there in 18 months and I am so homesick.



  1. Your angels always show up for you! I'm so happy you are getting a better running car. And you don't have to worry about getting scratches and dings! I curse almost every time I drive my minivan.

    Amazon sells a $20 device to make putting on compression socks so much easier! My neighbor got one ... after having her husband try to put them on! I'll email you the picture.

    Keep healthy! So impressed you continue your PT

  2. What a thoughtful thing for Judy to do. You certainly do have some angels looking after you!

  3. Judy angel...she's listening to God! You have so needed a break. I'm so happy for you. It's been 10 days since you wrote this. Is the new car in your driveway yet?

  4. Dear Judy, how wonderful. Truly wonderful that someone was able to understand and respond to our need to see those you love after a year and a half of not being able to travel more than a couple of miles. We all need to learn about the generosity of others and the great gift they are to all of us. I'm so happy for you.

    As to the foot: I got the Moderna shots. After the 2nd one, my left arm (the one that got the second dose) began to act up. In a certain position, movement of the upper arm was/is quite painful. The doctor thinks one thing, I, another. I'm learning to live with this and I try to exercise that arm in the hope that some muscle or tendon or something!!!! needs my attention. I don't thank my body enough for all it does for me. So maybe that arm is crying out, "Hey, I've served you all these years! Pay attention and take care of me now!" Peace.