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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Oh My Gosh!
I have never had someone come in and clean my house and I was kind of intimidated when the cleaning lady came Monday to scrub the kitchen floor.

None of my corners on that floor are square.  Crumbs, cat hair and anything the vacuum couldn't reach have lodged themselves in the corners--especially by the stove and dishwasher.

She got down on her hands and knees and went to work.  Starting back by the bathroom in the washer/dryer area, and worked her way into the kitchen.  She's 72 years old!  Delightful.  She talks constantly as she works and is so funny.

While she was scrubbing the floor, she also cleaned the table and chair legs--the bottom cupboard doors, the front of the fridge, stove and dishwasher.She told me she would charge me $10, I told her I would pay her $20 and ended up giving her $25.00 for the extra she did.

How nice it is to walk barefoot across that floor.  To look down and see "square" corners again.  It looks as good as the day I moved in.

After she was gone, I vacuumed the living room and the house was done--cleaned for another few months.
I decided it would be a good idea to change the filter in my large humidifier.  It sits by the back door and I had moved it into the bathroom to get it out of her way.

I took it all apart and put the parts in the shower.  Then I eased the bottom pan up to the shower to dump the water.  My back hurt, my hands were a bit shaky and I ended up dumping most of the water--about 2 gallons, onto the bathroom floor.

Not a problem if I had tile in there, but that floor is carpeted.
What a mess!!

I grabbed every bath towel I own and laid them down and walked on them, trying to sop up the water.  Then I put the towels through the spin cycle in the washer, dried them and back on the carpet to sop up more water.

I did that 4 times!  Then I closed the bathroom door so when the furnace came on, the heat would concentrate in that room.

I sure hope the floor doesn't rot underneath.  It feels pretty dry today.
I grew up in the '50's, was in high school in the mid to late '50's.  At that time, we were lectured and cautioned on NOT smoking Marijuana.  Smoking one Marijuana cigarette could kill you or destroy your mind so you'd go crazy and have to be put in a mental institution.  If you were caught with it, you would go to jail for life.

Well, I can tell you...all us kids were scared to death of it.  I remember in the mid 70's when I found out my two oldest kids had used it, I was in a panic.  I was threatening to send Mark to military school and Pammie to the girls reform school in the western part of our state.

Marijuana is now legal in our state, but I am still scared of using it.  Hey--I'm just as afraid of drinking alcohol!

This last year I have heard that Hemp Oil or CBD oil has none of the THC products found in Marijuana and it really helps with pain.  Still kind of scared, but suffering with this back pain, that has finally localized to one spot, I stopped in at the Vape shop yesterday and talked to the kids about it.

They had CBD oil that you can put a few drops under your tongue, EYUCK.  They have the oil that you can use in your Vape device--didn't want to try that and then they have patches with CBD oil that you put over the area where the pain is located.

So, I bought two patches.  They are supposed to work for 24 hours.  When I got home, I slapped one over the pain area and waited.  Honestly, I have to tell you...I was shaking and scared of what might happen.

Would I suddenly start acting weird?  Would I get the "munchies"?  Would it make me sick?

Well...no.  In two hours most of the pain was gone.  It didn't even hurt when I pushed on that area.

When I woke up this morning, patch still in place, I could bend over to get the cat dishes and feed them.  I could walk without pain.  I do have mild achiness all across my back, like normal, but the spot where it was most severe...there is no pain.

Does this mean I am going to turn into a junkie?  At $8.00 a patch, that's unlikely.  Now, I am on the look out for the CBD oil in lotion form in a bottle, that I can rub all across my lower back.
Don't tell my kids their mother is using a by-product of the Marijuana plant.  I can imagine the ribbing I'd have to take!


  1. CBD oil is very popular among the older generation I know here. My hairdresser buys a small jar of CBD laced cream every month and uses it for the pain in her shoulders and hips from standing all day. She calls it a miracle. I thinks she said it was $35 a jar, but that she only applied a very small amount to the pained areas. I haven't heard anyone who uses it say that it didn't work. As my hairdresser says, "God created it for a purpose, and it wasn't so people could get high." Think what this pain reliever could do for people now taking opioids for bodily pain. I'm glad it's helped you, Judy, but still....take it easy!

  2. A friend uses CBD oil for her sciatica. Seems to help. I use geranium oil which helps me. Both plant-based products so I'm not too sure how harmful they can be.

  3. I can't get used to how much public thinking has changes on marijuana since we were both kids in Michigan. I know people who love it and claim it's different than it was in the 1950s. I'll never try it because I've got so many allergies, I'd probably be allergic to it.

    CBD oil and patches are sure worth trying for chronic pain. Glad it helped you.

    I wish I could find someone to clean my floor on hands and knees!

  4. Home Clean Home! I loved having a cleaning person (yes, I had one male!) every other week. I would always plan our home entertaining for that weekend ... so all I had to do was shop, prep, serve and clean up!!!

    Good for you and CBD! I hope you find less expensive place to get them so you can keep one on hand! Maybe if you get a Medical Marijuana card it is cheaper? Or ask you Doc.

  5. Dear Judy, I am so glad to learn that because you took a risk, you found relief for your pain. Often it seems to me, I have to let go of things I once thought were the "gospel" and discover that new learning says otherwise. It seems to me also that life's journey is the changing and letting go of so much that has been part of our past. It's great that your back is better! Go for it! Peace.

  6. Hey lady. See what happens when you try to clean something...ends up being all that work! I've gotten hemp oil from Amazon and I think as an ointment-type thing, helped. It was really cheap, so I don't know if it was a placebo-effect thing or what. (Doesn't matter!!)💕
    Anyway, it's been a week now...are you okay or just in a CBD haze!!!? 💕😲

  7. too bad about dumping that water on the bathroom rug but hopefully you have that all cleaned up!! i am using CBD oil under my tongue, it doesn't work but i keep using it until the bottle runs out!! my neurologist gave me samples of the oil and the cream. i used the cream for a month and that did not work either. i was disappointed to say the least!! nerve pain is different than muscle or joint pain, when the neurologist gave it to me he said he did not think it would work!!!