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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Tuesday, I got a beautiful e-mail from Jennifer.
It was very newsy and upbeat.
She told me about her jobs (4), working 64 hours a week, but mostly from home.
Told me a bit about progress on their new house.
Told me about what each grand kid is doing, where they are all going on their Spring Break.
It took up the whole page.
Everything I've been wanting to know.
I can't tell you how glad it made my heart.
She is now sending me $100.00 a month to help out. Which does help as my health insurance and car insurance both went up.  
There goes that $100, with nothing left over for fun.
But I am so grateful.

I make all my health appointments in February.  Got my glasses, got my hair cut, went to my yearly pulmonologist appointment.  Next week dentist, then blood work and yearly wellness check-up.  I need to make an appointment to see a dermatologist--haven't been in 5 years.

By then, it will be March and spring will be on the near horizon.


  1. How wonderful to get the newsy email and to hear all about your grandchildren. Good of Jennifer to send you $100 a month!

  2. Awesome, Judy. I'm happy for you!


  3. So glad to read your post, I've missed you!! Maybe things are looking up for you finally.. I, too, am ready for springtime and warm weather!!

  4. Judy all of that is great news. I noticed too that many of my bills went up with the new year. *sigh*

  5. I'm glad you heard from your daughter and you are getting some help from her.

  6. This post did my heart good! So happy for you, Judy.

  7. I'm SO glad you heard from her. And that she can help you with expenses. What a gift for you to hear about the kiddos!

  8. AWESOME! And remember, charity begins at home. St. Jude can wait!

  9. This is amazing to me. Yesterday, while I was puttering around the house, the Lord brought you to my mind. And as usual when that happens, I prayed for you. I thought about your 80th birthday coming up on June 21st (correct me if I'm wrong), and I asked the Lord to bless you with good health and high spirits throughout this banner year, and to meet all of your needs.

    And as I was doing that, the thought came to me (to be honest, it has come to me before) that a mother with several able-bodied children, one of whom is wealthy by my standards, should never have to worry about money or have to pinch pennies.

    Her children should see to it that their mother is provided for because there was a time when she did all of those things for them. It's a biblical concept having to do with honoring one's mother, which we are commanded to do. And I prayed that your children would begin giving you $100 per month -- at least -- to cover all of your necessities so that for the rest of your life, you'd never need to have another anxious moment in that regard.

    I'm not saying that your getting $100 per month from Jennifer was an answer to my prayer; I'm simply saying that it's as it should be (well, actually, she should give you five times that, sorry not sorry), and the others should contribute a decent amount as well.

    We have one mother, and when she's gone, she's gone and there are no more opportunities to love her and let her know that she's precious to us.

    I'm so glad to learn of this and I pray that there will be more where it came from.


  10. That was me who left that comment, above. I don't know why it says unknown, haahaaha.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I don't ask and don't expect them to help out financially--they all have children and homes to care for and my poor Pammie, has even less than I. Although, when I think of my son, it wouldn't hurt him a bit to send his Mom a few bucks a month to help out. LOL My biggest thrill was hoping that Jennifer's heart is softening toward me. She is a Christian woman and I don't see how she can hold a grudge for so long. I'm just very grateful and thank you for the prayers and your church that time they prayed for me and I was blessed.

  11. i'm so happy for you judy, it will be such a comfort to know that is coming each month!! and nice to hear so much information from jennifer!!!

  12. What a happy surprise to see this post about Jennifer!