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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Well, my resolve to post more often seems to remain unresolved.  I noticed, it has been another week.

I am such an undisciplined person!  I am easily distracted too.  I have a lot going on.  I lead a very boring life.

Let's see--last Monday we had such a snow storm that I cancelled my hair cut appointment.  Oh, By the way, it is 54 degrees and raining today.

I went to my hair cut appointment on Tuesday and walked out of there with probably....No--actually the worse hair cut I have ever had.  Which seems weird because this stylist has cut my hair a half dozen times, so she should know how I like it.

I like it short, but.........I came out looking like someone's 79 year old grandfather!!!  She cut around my ears--that is fine, but the hair on the sides is 1/4" short and...she cut off my side burns!!!!!  AND...she practically shaved the back.  Like I said, I look like a gray haired man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, when this gray, wiry hair starts to grow out, those sideburns are going to stick out like General Burnsides!!!!!!!!!!!!  I kid you not!!!

Wednesday morning I woke up early with a sharp pain in my left side.  It came and went, so I assumed it had something to do with my kidneys.  I drank water and more water and even more water.  The next morning the pain had subsided a bit, but an even worse pain had settled in my lower back.  Somewhat like the "normal" lower back pain I have constantly, but much worse.

I put my heated rice sock on the area.  Then I put on an ice pack.  Sat with my T.E.N.S device vibrating for a few hours and then finished up with a good rubbing in of horse linament.  I mean, real linament they use on horses.  I get it at the farm supply store.

That pain continued all day Friday and then it occurred to me that I was constipated.  I eat a lot of fiber and just like a cow, that eats too much hay and corn, I was bloated up and needed relief.

Relief takes days.  I used to have some "blockage" busting laxatives that worked over night and gave me two days of diarrhea.  I don't have them any more.  I was too the point of wishing I had that stuff we have to drink before a colonoscopy!  So, I started with the Miralax--which takes 2-3 days to really work.

It occurred to me this morning that I haven't walked enough to keep my system working correctly.  Hours sitting in front of this computer, working on a genealogy is not good.  Hours sitting in my recliner watching football and basketball games is not good either.

I feel a little better today, but still the pain in my lower back, which I suppose could be caused by the blockage.  

We have 28 miles of intestines inside us.  I do believe the traffic is blocked up near the 5 mile sign post from the exit ramp.  
The past week, other than working on this gigantic genealogy, which you know I love doing--I managed to get my Christmas Cards made--plus special ones for the grand kids, kids and sister and a Channukah card for my grand daughters mother-in-law.  Plus I have 4 December birthdays that I made cards for.

My bonus daughter Chris always mails me Christmas stamps, and I have greeting card envelopes, so I am all set.  I just hope I don't forget to put them in the envelopes and mail them.  Around the 10th maybe?

Then next Saturday Karen is taking me to the Nutcracker.  Madeleine is dancing again this year.  She also teaches ballet classes, goes to nursing school and is preparing for her May wedding.

Then on the 13th I have an appointment that took me 4 months to get at the Opthalmologist to get my eyes checked.  I know I need new glasses...don't have the money for them yet, but this genealogy will help cover some of the cost.  I just hope the Doc doesn't think I need cataracts removed.  I do not have time for that!!!!!!!

Because of the eye appointment, I will miss our Gal Pals luncheon on that day.  Which honestly?  Is okay with me.  I am not in the mood to drive that far, well, it's not really faaaaaaar, only like 40 minutes, but.......I really don't have the $$$ for the gas and lunch AND most importantly, if I am to be really honest, Liz, the Senile Senior is really a mood killer, probably because any of her "stories" always seem to include me---even though they never happened and I was not involved.

Or am I senile and have forgotten I was there with her? 


  1. You sure have a way with words. "The traffic is blocked up near the 5 mile sign post from the exit ramp." LOL You should get a dog like mine. He keeps me jumping up and down all day long. I should start calling him my digestion support dog.

    Maybe you could schedule blogging on your calendar so you are reminded to do it weekly. People worry about you when you don't show up.

  2. I thought that was a great line, too! LOL.

  3. i have short hair too and a good haircut is imperative!!!

    some peeps say you shouldn't "let the truth get in the way of a good story" and some people embellish stories so much, they don't even realize it!!

    otherwise...the rest of this, a little more information then i needed ;(

  4. Glad to see a post by you. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. For a minute there, I thought you were going to tell us you had a kidney stone.

    I know you will enjoy the Nutcracker with Karen. A may wedding for your grand will be a nice time of year.

    Ug. My hairdresser hasn't been pleasing me lately, either.

  5. What's with stylists cutting TOO SHORT! Mine did also! Grrrr.

    Set your timer for an hour ... then get up and walk about or skip or jump for a few minutes. Sitting is the new SMOKING!!!

    I'd love to see Nutcracker! Two little boys are not interested. Maybe I should take my daughter on a date!

    Keep on blogging! I like Jean's idea of putting on the calendar for at least once a week!!!

  6. Are you still doing those exercises you posted a video of a while back? Be sure to check out Zinni when it becomes time for glasses. Much cheaper and they are quality glasses.

  7. I commiserate with you on the haircut. In 2004 someone ruined my hair; it was a disaster of epic proportions. I began going to my hairdresser, Alan, because of that catastrophe. When he retires or shuffles off the mortal coil, I'll have to shave my head and wear wigs. My hairstyle is simple but only Alan knows how to cut it the way it ought to be. But do you know the difference between a good haircut and a bad one? About two weeks.

    And not to rain on your innards parade, but humans actually have 25 FEET total of intestines. They aren't measured in miles, hence no mile markers. Haaaahaa.


  8. The woman who cuts my hair always scalps me. I don't know why she cannot listen to what I say. She just cuts and talks and I end up getting scalped, unhappy and then I actually pay and tip her!! Why do I keep on doing this? Because my husband and I both go to her together!!Insane!!

  9. Hi Judy..How did you enjoy the Nutcracker? It was yesterday wasn't it?

  10. Hey girl-- you down the rabbit hole again? You getting any snow?

  11. I recall some patients I worked with on swallowing would occasionally alarm staff cause their diet intake would decrease. For some i discovered they were just “backed up”. Couldn’t believe how naive when staff would say that wouldn't affect their eating or mood. I had to counter otherwise as patient and I knew makes a big difference. Hope you broke the dam.

    Weird your hairdresser wouldn’t know how to cut your hair by now. Hope you let her know you don’t want it cut that way in the future. I’ve heard the gal I see talk with others and one or another will say they realized they’d sheared someone too short as though they really hadn’t meant to. Weren't they watching?