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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Life--so tenuous.

I haven't seen hide nor hair of my blogging buddie, Lily Scott--Moon Spinners.  Did she just quit blogging?  Anyone know?
I get attached to some of the genealogies I do--well practically all of them.  I did one 2 years ago, for the clients father and wife's family--her parents.  I worked day and night on it to get it done for his 103rd birthday.  Recently, I had a funny feeling.  I kept thinking of him and wondering.  So, last week I finally remembered to e-mail her and......he passed away in January.  He would have been 105 in...May, if I remember right.  As I read her e-mail I cried.  I had gotten attached to him while researching his family and his life.  She had attached a photo of him taken at Christmas, and he was standing as straight and as tall as photos I had seen of him as a young man.  She also attached his obituary.  I printed them both out and put in his file folder.

One I did in January was fascinating to me.  I could tell as I researched, what a wonderful family I was dealing with.  My client's parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this summer, so I printed out a book for them.  Her mother is a wonderful writer--her whole family is--many of them had written biographies of themselves--even the men.  My client sent them to me and I copied them and put in her book.  It sure made that family come alive to me.

Now this last one.  I just mailed it out last Friday.  Oh my!  Her earlier ancestor's came here and without a thought, they fought in Wars to defend their new homeland.  Many of the great grandfathers, fought in the Revolutionary War.  One is even buried at Arlington National Cemetery--and I don't have to tell you, that is a big deal...at least to me it is.  As I researched on, getting nearer to her father, I find 100 years later, her great grandfather's and their sons, fighting in the Civil War.    As I was working on a couple of her grandfathers, I notice that the father and three of his sons fought in the Civil War--on the same day, in the same battle, the three sons all died!  One of the sons, her direct ancestor had a small son--also her direct ancestor.  It brought tears to my eyes, thinking of how I'd feel if 3 of my children were killed...on the same day!  Buried in an unmarked grave in a different State.  How can anyone deal with that?

Or the findings of young mother's who had 10 children in 11 years and then died shortly after their last child was born.  Natural causes--they were just worn out.  And the babies that died at childbirth, or within a few years of life.  

Unique custom in those days--when a child died, the next child born of the same gender, was given the dead child's name.  Now to me that would be bad luck, but to them, it was done to honor the child that had died.  Some of the children died on the ship ride to America.  The man makes the decision to go to the "new world" and the wife has to tag along with all the kids.  Such bravery.....we have NO idea.

 I'm not a crying person, but I have had tears cloud my eyes on more than one occasion.  Some days, I am drained by supper time, it has been so emotional.
The one I'm working on now?  For a friend.  Not so great.  Stay tuned for my dissertation on that one.


  1. I can see how you become attached to people as you learn about their lives; I am the same way.

  2. 104 is a long time to live. I'm sure the family enjoyed your genealogy. How interesting that many in the family had written their biographies.

  3. Women, before birth control was commonly available, often got worn out and died from popping one child after another out. Then the guy would have so many kids to take care of he'd marry soon after losing his first and second wives. The saddest part for me is that younger people don't seem to care as much about the stories of their ancestors. We have a rich, immigrant history in the U.S.

  4. I've been wondering about Lily also, Judy. She had said; taking a break. But, now we can't even get into her blog. I hope that she's well, and her family.


  5. I love the interesting tidbits and tombstones you discovered for my genealogy! And Jean (above) is right about younger generations not appreciating their heritage. I sure didn't ....

    Sorry you didn't get your blogger buddy's email address! How we worry!

  6. i spoke to lily a few months ago, she told me she was going to make her blog private. she did not send me an invite....i have not heard from her since. i have her email address if you would like it!!

    being emotional about your work - i think it is wonderful!!