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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spring Time

I have 4 Lilac bushes to the west of my house.
When I open the one living room window and my kitchen window, the scent that comes in
just about hynotizes me.  I have such wonderful childhood memories of the large
Lilac bushes my Mother had--also west of the house.  
"So the breeze from the west will blow their scent into the house." she said.

It's Spring time here!
I made out a schedule or "to do" list or whatever you want to call it.
Monday--clean planters, arrange, plant.  Corn in raised bed by shed.  Cherry tomato in one pot, Bonny Best tomato in the other.  Large blue tub, plant cucumber to climb on trellis.
Plant annuals in 3-tiered planter.  Pull Quack grass from front garden.

Reality:  Monday, it rained all day.  Vacuumed and dusted house.  Washed bedding.
Tuesday (today)--do Monday.

Reality:  It is going to rain most of the day.  Run to Walmart and Michael's.  Buy garden hose.
Wednesday--do Monday??


  1. Rain here again predicted today. I am longing for sunshine. :)


  2. hehehehe, we have been having a lot of rain too, but yesterday was gorgeous. chuck planted most of the day and i sat outside and watched and knitted. i have never not helped plant the flowers but i did plant all the vegetables!!!

    that lilac bush/tree/monster is GORGEOUS!!!!

    and you lucky girl with all those beautiful birds!!!!

  3. Rain, rain, rain here and no lilacs are in bloom. Bummer. At least the birds are back!

  4. No rain here, but your days sound a bit like mine.

  5. That's what I love best about retirement ... flexibility. I keep my calendar "in the cloud" so I can reach it from phone or computer. It is SO easy to move Monday to Tuesday and then to Wednesday by dragging it over.

    I "share" my calendar with Kate and Jesse as well. Jesse doesn't drive so if he needs a lift, he can check my availability before he makes his appointment!

    Our complex looks so delightful! Fresh dark bark mulch has made everything POP out !

  6. It pays to be flexible! And knowing you, it will all get done, and then some. We are expecting some heavy rains here in the Southeast. I love rain. xoxo

  7. I love lists, and Spring, and the flowers and color.

  8. My lilac off of the back porch is just about done but I know what you mean about that scent that we get to enjoy for a week or two when they are in bloom!!

    And then your Rain Reality LOL !! I just seem to mow grass between rains for the last month or so

  9. Those lilacs are GORGEOUS! I miss them from my old house. About the only thing I miss about it are the Lilacs, Peonies & our neighbor. Glad you got to enjoy them.

  10. That lilac bush is gorgeous.

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