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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017


Just look at her.  Not a bit afraid when I tapped on the window or went to the front door.What a little hussy!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nice Day

This is what I woke up to this morning.  Just enough milk for my hot Nestle's Quik (breakfast).

 Luckily, I had that 6" sub left--I ate half so I'd have some left for supper.

I decided to walk out and get the mail--come along with me--okay?

My view from the front door

My view from the rocking chair Karen gave me when she bought new ones

 Down the steps, these are beside the front corner of the house.

Aha, Morning Glories coming up already--to twine up that trellis

 Let's take a detour to walk around the house

Where they took out the stump.  
I don't know if there is enough afternoon
light for Iris to grow here.
It's on the East side, so would get morning sun.

My shed and the neighbors behind me.
The neighbors with the yappy, damn Shiatsu.
They have raised garden-beds all over their lot.
They just throw down some landscaping cloth,
add the landscaping stone and throw in some soil.
Every year, they move them around. 

Nice garden, on west side, full sun reflecting off that white shed.

Hey!  I see Zinnia seedlings coming up.

Up toward the front of the house--west side.  My Lilac Bushes and
Rose of Sharon.  Rose of Sharon will bloom in late July and August
with bright pink flowers, white and bluish-purple.

All different types of Hostas around the Lilacs--this is where
I planted the left over Impatiens yesterday.

The unusual Hosta that was my Great Grandmas.
100+ years old and doing great.

  My nice shady front porch

Over by Jackie's house to get the mail.  Dar's house is the one on the left.

Usual mail--junk

Back across the street

My side garden around the tree--May Apples, Trilliums, Violets,
Jack-in-the-Pulpit--all transferred here from my woods
out by the farm where I used to live.
Freddie's lilies coming up by the steps.

 The sign my sister painted for me on a piece of slate
she found on Prince Edward Island.

My squirrel proof railing planters.
I see a few Sweet Pea seedlings coming up.

Back to my comfy porch.
I come out here each evening at 7:00 to read my daily
Bible devotional, relax and enjoy watching
my world.

This evening, around 5:00 I decided to take a walk.  I made it all the way to the corner!!!  It was only about 65 degrees, with the sun and a bit of a breeze.  On the way back, I stopped at Pearl's for a quick chat.  She seems to sit sort of slipped off to one side in her chair.  She had been grocery shopping with her daughter and she drove the electric buggy.  She ran into a display and knocked the whole thing to the floor.  Then when they got out to her daughter's car, she ran the buggy into the side of it.

It makes me sad to see her like this.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sit back and enjoy---

I got the last Impatiens in the ground this afternoon.  I don't know what possessed me, but for some unknown reason, on my garden/plant buy list I had "1 flat of hot pink Impatiens", come to find out, I only needed less than half that.  Then I remembered, I usually plant my railing plants with Impatiens, but this year, I just planted Sweet Pea seeds in them.  

Well, today, I took the rest of them and planted them with the Hostas in the garden under the Lilac bushes.  That garden looks rough with dead and dying Tulip and Daffodil stems, but once they get died back, the Impatiens will spread.  They always look so pretty next to the green Hostas.  I have 6 different Hosta varieties out there.

My Iris didn't all bloom and I think they are getting to crowded.  I would like to take them all up this fall and make a new landscape stone, raised flower bed, where my stump used to be and is now gone, and just plant it with the Iris and Impatiens to fill in after I cut back the Iris.  There is only one problem .  How the heck am I going to load and unload all that landscape stone?  HAH!  I will have to ponder on that.

I am mailing the genealogy out tomorrow.  I got back 21 generations on this one-1100.  Scotland.  One of the ancestors fought with Robert the Bruce.  When Robert died, by his request, his heart was placed in a small casket and carried to the Crusades.  This great grand father held the key to that casket.  Thus the surname:  Lockhart=locked heart.  Cool, eh?

I have started on another genealogy that a lady wants for her son.  Just getting started on this one, but already finding out interesting facts about the ancestor's.

I so LOVE doing genealogy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait until Thursday.  I get my SS on the 3rd of each month, but since the 3rd of June falls on a Saturday, I am hoping that it gets into my checking account on the 1st.  I opened my refrigerator door this noon and burst out laughing.  There is nothing to eat.  I mean---nothing.  Thankfully, I had a Subway gift card with $5.00 still on it so I picked up a Spicy Italian foot-long sub= two meals.  It was $6something, but I had enough coins to pay for it.

I have $3.00 in my wallet and $13.00 in my checking account.  This next month is going to be a killer too, because now I have to pay $20.00 to get my lawn mowed--every other week, and I have to renew my car license and it went up $11.00 this year.  $81.00 for a license tab to go on a 19 year old car!!!

I'm going to make an appointment with my car/house insurance guy to see if I can get my monthly bill lowered.  I can lower the insurance amount on my house and the contents and I think there is one thing on my car insurance I can take off entirely.  I wish they would change our car insurance back and get off "no fault".  I think the person who was at fault for the accident should pay.  Let their car insurance go up, not mine!

Gotta get a hair cut--well over 6 weeks and looks it.  Got to pay for the part of my PT that Medicare and Insurance didn't pay for, $147.00--I didn't expect that and they will get it in 2 monthly payments.  I do need to get a new bra too.  I had two, but one tore out under the arm and the underwire keeps poking me.  I tried to sew up the hole, but it keeps making a new hole, so---I put it in my bureau for an emergency.  That means I only have one bra.  That means I would have nothing to wear while it is being washed.  That would be a disaster.  

I cannot go without a bra, not with these Double D's.  Neighbor's would have a heart attack, young children would scream and animals might drop dead!!  

Such problems!!

Monday, May 29, 2017


It's been a long nine months, since I packed away my white jeans/shorts/pants and purse.  Finally...today...we in the North can once again wear white!

While it seems to be all right to wear white athletic shoes during the winter, I find it weird to wear them while sloshing through snow.  Those months, I wear my black or navy penny loafers.

Now--I can comfortable wear my New Balance or my cute little lacey patterend Keds.  I used to wear a lot of Thong sandals, something like a flip-flop, but with a strap to hold on my foot.

Image result for thong sandal

Then someone had the bright idea to take away the strap and we ended up with a shoe that made a flip-flop noise as it slapped against the bottom of our feet.  I have owned one pair.  They were to use at the fitness center to wear to get from pool to shower room or vice versa--to keep us from getting athlete's foot.  My Pammie used to wear flip-flops until one day, she stepped on something and it came up, beside the sole, and badly cut her foot.

I can honestly say I don't know of anyone who wears flip-flops.  Some of the olders in this park wear those rubberized clog thingies.

All my girl people wear cute sandals.

My guy people wear athletic shoes or boat shoes.
Men's Dockers Vargas, Size: 10.5 M, Rust Soft Genuine Leather
I have old, unattractive feet so, I go bare footed in the house and wear a pair of slip-on boat shoes for outside, or my New Balance or my Keds.

TODAY--we can start wearing all of these and.......white!!!!  For three whole months, until Labor Day...we can wear White!  This just may be one of the biggest celebration days up here!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Almost Done..........

Almost done and done in.  WHEW!!!

The power wash guy, I call him Guy because that's his name, arrived at 7:00 on the dot.  When I heard him hooking up his hose to the outside faucet, I woke up.  It was daylight outside.  I don't get up at 7:00, so I don't really know when the sun rises.

It took him two hours and what a beauty.  My house is clean and white, no mold on the skirting and got the outside of my windows washed. He even did my shed.  $80.00.

It was chilly and cold, but all of a sudden, the sun came out about noon and I got busy.

I put my pots back in place by the front of the house, got everything on the porch put back together and then hit the little raised garden out by the shed.

A hot pink, purple and Chartreuse color scheme this year.

The Stack 'N Grow, is all stacked and ready to grow. 

Every one of these weeds had to be yanked out by hand.  I don't know what kind of weed it is, but if I don't pull each one, and get the roots, they will be back in a week.

I loosened the soil with a garden fork, then pulled the weeds, worked up the soil with my 3-tined hand digger (my favorite tool).  Punched three holes , equal distance in the back and dropped in a Sun flower seed, made a nice straight line with the handle end of the garden rake, planted, 36", in first line, 24", middle line and 6" near front-- Zinnias.

Zinnias are the easiest , sturdiest, most colorful flower to grow from seed.  I will cut them and make bouquets for my neighbors--late summer.
After I got them all planted and a Grape tomato plant at the end, I covered the seeds and tamped the dirt down firmly, with the flat part of the garden rake.

Now--I wait.
I'm worn out.  My shoulders and back ache--my legs feel weak.  But, emotionally I feel really good.  There is nothing that calms this old farm girl/gardener, than working in the dirt and planting the "promise" of seeds.    They are miracles.
Got this by e-mail tonight.  Della--7 months old and pulling herself up and walking along furniture.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gray, cold, drippy

I have my porch pots planted, but not in place.  Tomorrow they are coming to power-wash my wee house, so I have my planters pushed way back out of the way.  I still haven't planted my Zinnia seeds because, #1: It's been to wet and #2:  I have to till that raised bed first and....it's been too wet.

I feel like I am late planting everything, but in reality, when I lived 25 miles north of here, we waited until Decoration Day weekend to plant, so....................

I got the 9th baby quilt done.  I have 9 grandchildren and decided 5 years ago that I wanted to do a cross-stitched baby quilt for each of them to choose from, for their first child.  I now have them all done.

If my grandson Marcus, marries that little farm girl,
this will be theirs.

This is the one Helene choose for Della

Finished yesterday
There will be one quilt left over.  My 2nd grand daughter, Susanna is not going to have children.  Which in a way is a good thing, as she is not the motherly type and is constantly traveling for New Balance shoes, running in marathons.  

Now I can stitch on my Nativity Scene, which has teeny-tiny holes and stitches.  I made a mistake yesterday and had to pull out stitches today, but it is going to be beautiful with the metallic threads and beads.

I have also, over the years, made afghans for the grand kids.  They have them, except for Jennifer's kids.  I have theirs packed away in nice tight plastic boxes and will ship her oldest, Andrew's to him on his 16th birthday this November.  I made it in MIT (Massachusetts Institute for Technology) colors because he's wanted to go there since he was 9.  It's a very handsome Claret red, gray and black.
It has been a week since I bit my tongue all the way through, and it is still hurting.  I checked out the spot and it is healing, slowly.  I swished with warm salt water and dabbed a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide on it last night before I went to bed.  I did get a mouth guard and managed to get the impression good so it fits well, but during the night, I must spit it out because I spend a couple of times each night, patting around the bed, trying to find it to put back in.  HAH!
I had fun yesterday at Michael's.  I got in line, waiting for the cashier, and a guy came up behind me with his cart.  He had on a dark navy shirt, pants and hat with a big yellow "M" (Michigan) on it.  His cart was filled with 2 large poster frames and several 8 x 10" poster frames.  He looked receptive to chat, so I said.
"Hm-mm.  Gathering sports memorabilia?"
"Yes.  Hey!  Good call.  How did you know?"
"I am a Spartan.  I went to the smart school."
"I oughta have you help me put all this stuff together."
"Oh, I've done it lots of times.  For award banquets, or displays, stuff like that.  I was involved in youth athletics for years."
"Then you're an expert!"
"No.  I'm a Spartan and don't you ever forget it," 

I could hear him laughing as I walked away, up to the cashier.

Some days are more fun than others. HAH!